‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Reveals Devastating Sickness

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold

The Little Couple cast member Jen Arnold recently took to social media to reveal devastating news to her followers. So, what did the mother of two have to say in her latest update?

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold And Family Ready For Summer

Since The Little Couple has been off the air, the only way for fans to get consistent updates is through following Jen Arnold’s social media. Bill Klein has an Instagram, but, he doesn’t update it nearly as often as his wife does. So, viewers who want a peek into the Arnold/Klein happenings have to stay tuned for Jen’s updates.

Recently, Jen Arnold took to social media to share that she and her The Little Couple family were ready for the summer season. Jen shared a short clip of her back deck, overlooking the backyard with plenty of trees in the distance. The space is complete with plenty of chairs to lounge about, and altogether seems like an ideal summer vibe.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Bill Klein/Instagram

Jen Arnold Has Had Her Hands Full At Home

When Jen Arnold isn’t working, she has been encouraging Zoey Klein’s love of animals. In addition to being a family of four, the Arnold/Klein household is also home to a lot of pets. Jen has shared videos of all of the rabbits they have, as well as Zoey Klein taking care of them.

From the looks of it, Zoey Klein has really taken to all of the furry friends that they have. Many The Little Couple followers even think that, with her love of animals, Zoey Klein may have a future as a veterinarian. As The Little Couple fans know, Jen and Bill encourage both Will and Zoey to pursue their passions. So, it will be interesting to see what she decides to do in the coming years.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Zoey Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Reveals Unfortunate Illness

Between getting ready for summer and helping Zoey Klein with the animals they have at home, Jen Arnold updated her The Little Couple followers with some devastating news. It turns out, Jen recently tested positive for COVID-19. She took to her story to share the positive result of her recent test.

Along with that, she also wrote: “Yep, I’m sick.” This will certainly throw a wrench into the summer plans for Jen Arnold and her entire family. Luckily, Jen is a medical professional, and she knows exactly what to do in order to keep herself and her family safe. However, this is still not the kind of news that anyone wants to hear.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold

For now, The Little Couple fans are offering prayers and support. Hopefully, this will be a smooth recovery for Jen, without too many bumps in the road, so she and the rest of her family can enjoy the summer season.

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