Susan Noles Mystery Trip: Is She Back On Reality TV?

Susan Noles/Credit: YouTube

Golden Bachelor Susan Noles shared her departure on a mystery trip. Fans are wondering if she is filming a return to reality TV. Keep reading to find out what fans are saying.

Golden Bachelor Alum Susan Noles Takes Mystery Trip

Very few Bachelor Nation stars have extended their 15 minutes of fame quite like Susan Noles. She was eliminated from The Golden Bachelor in Week 5 but returned to officiate Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding.

Many fans thought ABC might make her the first Golden Bachelorette, but they went with Joan Vassos. Instead, Susan Noles and her Bachelor bestie, Kathy Swarts, were given their own podcast affiliated with the franchise. They co-host the Bachelor Happy Hour Golden Hour podcast that focuses mainly on dating and other situations as a senior citizen.

Susan Noles/Credit: YouTube
Susan Noles/Credit: YouTube

She’s amassed over 120k followers on Instagram and recently teamed up with QVC. Another perk of her celebrity was meeting actor Bradley Cooper. The 67-year-old made her remodeling debut earlier this year at the New York Fashion Week.

Susan Noles is usually very transparent with fans, and some might even say she overshares. However, she recently took off on a mystery trip overseas without giving details on where exactly she’s going or why.

Is She Returning To Reality TV?

The Golden Bachelor alum posted a video on her Instagram from the airport in Philadelphia. She revealed that she was going overseas and would be gone for a few weeks. But she stopped short of sharing more details.


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Fans took to the comments to wish her safe travels. Some started speculating on where she was going. There were several comments asking if she was leaving to film a reality competition overseas. One fan guessed she might be joining Season 3 of The Traitors.

The official cast list was revealed last week and her name wasn’t on it, but the show is known for last-minute surprise contestants. Bachelor Nation stars Wells Adams and Gabby Windey were previously announced as Season 3 contestants.

Another fan speculated that she is either hosting The Golden Bachelorette or making an appearance. She made several appearances on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

But Jesse Palmer is likely the host, as he has been since he took over for Chris Harrison in 2021. She could be filming an appearance on Golden Bachelorette, or she could simply be on vacation and want privacy.

Where do you think Susan Noles is? Do you think she is making her return to reality TV soon?

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