‘Sister Wives’Meri Reveals Where She Stands With Brown Kids Now

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Sister Wives Meri Brown appeared on the Miss Understood podcast this week where she opened up about some things she has not really talked about until now. One of the questions asked of her is how her relationship is with her former sister wives and all of the children. Keep reading to see what she has to say.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Reveals If She’s Close To Children Still

Sister Wives star Meri Brown opened up on the Miss Understood podcast where she spilled some tea on how she and the rest of the family are doing. One thing she addressed is whether or not she remained close to all the Brown children.

For the longest time, Meri thought they were family and should all stick together. Now she’s realizing it’s okay if they go their separate ways.  She said, “Sometimes people are just in your life for a season and it’s okay to let them go. If the relationship is not reciprocal and it’s not building me up or building them up, it’s okay not to force it.”

When it comes to the kids, it’s no secret that some of them had a problem with Meri. So, in their new season of life, she allows all the Brown children to decide what kind of relationship they want to maintain with her. As far as when they were all a big family, she still says they all treated each and every kid like their own.

Meri shared that all of the kids have expressed that they do not desire to be in a polygamous relationship like their parents were. She also mentioned that some of the kids embrace the fame they have from the show while some of the others would rather live a quiet, private life.

Where Does She Stand With The Other Wives?

Meri Brown also shared where she stands with the other wives now that they have all left Kody except for Robyn. While she did say there is some friendly conversation if they are around each other, she does not seek them out to have a relationship. They did all come together as a family to mourn the loss of Garrison Brown earlier this spring.

She’s not really close to them. In her eyes, she had plenty of years to do that.

Meri also shared that she does not think Kody and Robyn will welcome another wife into their lives. She believes they are happy together.

What do you think about Meri and her relationship with the kids?

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