‘Price Is Right’ Fans Rage After ‘Unnecessary’ Interruption

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

On Tuesday, The Price is Right fans were angry when CBS interrupted the popular game show with a new brief. What made fans mad was that the network played out the news recap for almost half an hour, causing fans to miss most of the show. This was, according to many fans, “unnecessary.”

Here is what CBS did that annoyed The Price is Right fans.

CBS Interrupts Show For Breaking News Brief

The Price is Right was on Tuesday morning for its regular episode, but then CBS interrupted the show for a news break. CBS released the news that Hunter Biden was found guilty of three felony convictions in his gun trial. The breaking news began to flash across the screen about 20 minutes into the game show before cutting away to news coverage.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

Many Price is Right fans were furious because they felt that the length of time CBS took to discuss the incident was completely overblown. Since this caused people to miss the show they wanted to watch, they went online to vent.

  • “Stupid Hunter Biden verdict interrupted The Price is Right”
  • “So we interrupted The Price is Right for 30 minutes for something that could’ve taken 30 seconds? Cool”
  • “CBS interrupting The Price Is Right to tell me Hunter Biden is guilty is sooooooooooooooo unnecessary. I could care less”

Most fans didn’t discount the fact that this is breaking news. The problem was the amount of time the network spent talking about something that could have been revealed in a quick news brief and then expanded upon during the actual news broadcast itself.

One fan even humorously asked for federal court cases to stop issuing verdicts when game shows are on television.

The court case saw Hunter Biden found guilty of buying and possessing a gun after lying on a form about his drug use and addiction issues. By the time CBS finished reporting on it, there were only a few minutes left of the game show.

This Isn’t The First Time CBS Preempted The Price Is Right

This isn’t the first time CBS has interrupted The Price is Right and ruined the game show’s entire episode. Just a month ago, CBS covered a speech by President Joe Biden in a similar moment.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube
Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

President Biden’s speech was about the protests on college campuses. Viewers were mad then, too, because they wanted to watch the show they tuned into the network to see. At the time, some networks put the Biden speech online and didn’t interrupt the show, which meant there were some fans who luckily finished watching the game show.

What did you think of CBS taking The Price is Right off the air to talk about the Hunter Biden case for 30 minutes? Should these breaking news reports be shorter and the time used on the actual news itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I agree with the rest of the fans, that these “breaking” news stories most of the time, are interrupting for something that we don’t give a LICK about, and could easily wait another 20 minutes for the regular news to come on.

    In fact, if the news that they break in for, is not something of an emergency nature, it can ALWAYS WAIT! No one cares about MOST of the stuff that they break in for anyway!

    If there is imminent dangerous weather, or some kind of other dangerous situation, (toxic spill, sink hole, school lockdown, or our students are in danger) then of COURSE we need to be told, but most of the stuff that they interrupt for, is something that no one cares about at all! And to top it off, they talk about it for waaay too long, when there are about 5-7 other hours of news that will come on between noon and 12 midnight! Save it for then, and stop interrupting our shows!

    1. completely agree prime time is for quality game shows uninterrupted that will be on the next day I hate it when they draw it out sooooo unnecessary

  2. For breaking news like Hunter Biden is guilty you don’t even need to fully interrupt the show. Simply have to run across the bottom of the screen like a severe weather alert does.

  3. So sick of daytime tv getting interrupted for news “special reports” !! It happens a lot and they go on and on ! Most of us don’t care about these special reports as they don’t personally impact our daily lives !
    Do it on the “streaming”

  4. Completely agree! This wasn’t the first time that Price is Right was interrupted for “Breaking News”🙄 Announce the verdict, that’s fine, but the rest of it was nothing that couldn’t wait until the news at noon!!
    The Price is Right fans were rightfully annoyed!

  5. i agree the Breaking News about Hunter Biden who cares. yes it happens a lot but put on the noon news not in the middle of the price is right

  6. Did you ever notice that along with breaking news that no one cares about at 11 AM, the other favorite time for breaking news or speeches by the president is 3 PM during General Hospital. Not interested!

  7. I was very disappointed with the news broadcast. it was very unfair, and my husband were both upset. I agree w/everyone who as upset has me &my husband were.

  8. my husband and I were very disappointed when that interruption happened during the price is right. I agree with everyone who posted a comment.

  9. It could have taken two, three minutes at the most. Told what the verdict was then say something about more information on CBS News. Instead they have to tell us what the verdict and then call in several experts to tell us what the verdict means. Who cares more than 30 minutes to review the verdict list ridiculous.

  10. I agree with these comments. What makes it worse here is that the news comes on right after the show. It is unnecessary to interrupt the show for these news briefs

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