Meri Brown Shares How Janelle & Kody Are Coping Since Garrison’s Suicide

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown appeared on a podcast this week in which she spilled some tea on her life and the lives of her former family. One thing she addressed was how Janelle and Kody are coping since their son Garrison died by suicide. What did she have to say about her ex and former sister wife? Keep reading to find out more.

Meri Brown Revealed How Janelle And Kody Are Coping After Losing Son

Sister Wives star Meri Brown appeared on the Miss Understood With Rachel Uchitel podcast this week. One thing she talked about was how Janelle and Kody are coping after Garrison’s death.

She revealed to Rachel that she had spoken with both Janelle and Kody. She said, “I’ve talked to each of them, and I think there’s good days and bad days. Don’t know how there couldn’t be.”

Garrison Brown’s birth parents are not the only ones who are still struggling to accept his death. Meri admits she too has a hard time still. She said she would see a photo of him and think she doesn’t like that it happened. She said it’s really sad.

Meri Brown from the Miss Understood Podcast, sourced from YouTube
Meri Brown from the Miss Understood Podcast, sourced from YouTube

Meri also mentioned how she watched her mother lose two of her own children before she passed away. Seeing how her mom was, she couldn’t imagine how Janelle felt and still feels. She said, “I watched my mom lose two of her own kids before she passed … it’s tragic.”

Four weeks after he had passed away Meri also shared thoughts about losing him after coming across a photo. She said, “Seeing it immediately moved me to tears, a testament of the love I have for him, the pain of the loss of him. It’s a reminder that grief comes in unexpected waves, memories of the moments with him all that remains. Four weeks today without him here with us. A lifetime of memories to hold sacred.”


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Garrison’s Tragic Death

Robert Garrison Brown passed away earlier this year. He died by suicide. When he passed, his brother Gabe found him deceased on his bed. The news was announced by both Janelle and Kody that Garrison had died.

They went to social media to share the news with Sister Wives fans. Many were grieving right along with the Brown family. Fans watched Garrison grow up on their television screens.

Janelle has been spending a lot of time with her other children and making memories with her grandchildren.

Stay tuned for more updates on Meri Brown and the Sister Wives family.

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