Kurt Russell Talks More Family Appearances In ‘Godzilla’ TV Show

Kurt Russell in Monarch Legacy of Monsters | YouTube

Last year, the Godzilla and King Kong MonsterVerse came to the small screen with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Monarch is the organization that fans learned in Godzilla movies was keeping tabs on all the monsters for many years behind the scenes. Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell took the lead in the Apple TV+ series that traced the organization’s history.

Now, Kurt reveals if his son might be the only Russell family member to take part in the series. Here is what you need to know.

Kurt Russell On Family Members Joining Monarch

When Monarch: Legacy of Monsters hit Apple TV+ last year, it provided some history of the organization’s early days. However, it also had modern-day scenes that helped tie into what is happening in the movies, specifically between Godzilla V. Kong and Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire.

Wyatt Russell in Monarch Legacy of Monsters | YouTube
Wyatt Russell in Monarch Legacy of Monsters | YouTube

What made Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell’s team-up so special was that they never appeared on screen together. Instead, they played the same character. Kurt and Wyatt share the role of Army Officer Lee Shaw. Wyatt plays Lee in the flashback scenes, and Kurt plays the character in the present day.

“It really hit me that this is not a father-son thing,” Kurt said. “This is the same person, and I was going to have to kind of get a hold of some things and carry them through, and it was really building on what he was doing” (via People).

Wyatt added that he is lankier and goofier than his dad, but he needed to reign in those instincts because he needed to do what his dad would do to connect the characters.

However, while there are more actors in the Russell family, Kurt said not to expect any more appearances in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Other Kurt Russell Family Members Won’t Be In Monarch

“We don’t do that,” Kurt said. “That’s like slumming or something, you know what I mean? We all have our own worlds and we all have our own careers and lives in those careers and I think everybody kind of keeps it that way.”

Godzilla in Monarch Legacy of Monsters | YouTube
Godzilla in Monarch Legacy of Monsters | YouTube

Kurt Russell has been with longtime partner Goldie Hawn for over 40 years now. However, they have limited film appearances together (The Christmas Chronicles being the most recent). He has also worked on projects with his other kids, Kate, 45, and Oliver, 47.  Wyatt is Kurt and Goldie’s only child together.

However, Kurt also shared the screen in the past with Kate Hudson in Deepwater Horizon in 2016. Oliver Hudson also appeared in The Christmas Chronicles with his two parents. Wyatt Russell is best known for his appearance in the MCU where he played John Walker, a.k.a. U.S. Agent, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Have you watched Monarch: Legacy on Monsters on Apple TV+? What did you think of Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell playing the same character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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