Joey Graziadei Drops Hint He’s Joining ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Joey Graziadei/Credit: YouTube

Bachelor Joey Graziadei is on the rumored cast list for Season 33 of Dancing With The Stars. Fans think he dropped a hint that he will be competing. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Jason Tartick Reveals Connection To Joey Graziadei

Bachelor couple Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson were on Jason Tartick’s podcast this week. The two got engaged during Season 28 of the popular ABC dating show. They’ve been living their best life together, enjoying their engagement before plans to marry in a few years.

Jason was a contestant on Season 14 of The Bachelorette. He later dated another former Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe. But they called it quits last summer after four years of dating, two of which they were engaged.

He hosts Trading Secrets, a podcast dedicated to finances. But the conversation went beyond money. A Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to share a recap of the hour-long episode. According to the recap, Jason and Joey reminisced about how they first met, years before Joey was The Bachelor.

Joey Graziadei and Jason Tartick from Jason's Instagram
Joey Graziadei and Jason Tartick from Jason’s Instagram

It seems as though the reality stars met through a mutual acquaintance they both golfed with. They followed each other on social media. When Joey Graziadei was approached by producers to lead Season 28, he reached out to Jason for advice.

Since their time on the show, Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei have leaned into the social media influencing lifestyle. Could that include a stint on Dancing With The Stars for Joey?

Joey Drops Hint He’s Joining Dancing With The Stars?

Joey Graziadei’s name has been attached to DWTS since his season premiered in January 2024. A Bachelor Nation star is almost always on the cast list, and his popularity has resulted in the possibility to come up in interviews often. He said at the time that he was open to the idea.

As Season 33 of the popular dance competition approaches, rumors are heating up. The US Sun recently posted a rumored cast list that included Joey Graziadei. The official announcement is still a few months away since the show doesn’t air until this fall.

Joey Graziadei/Credit: YouTube
Joey Graziadei/Credit: YouTube

But Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit think he hinted on the podcast episode that he will be joining DWTS. Why? The topic of money and finances came up a lot. Jason Tartick asked the couple if they were having financial strain. They admitted that they are okay for now but might struggle in a few months.

Joey seemed to hint that he was expecting an influx of money soon, which many fans took as a hint that he would be on DWTS. The contestants are paid $125,000 to start with, and that number increases each week they remain in the competition, per Variety.

Another big clue is Kelsey and Joey’s changing plans regarding moving to NYC. The couple previously said they were moving to the Big Apple this summer. But they told Jason Tartick it might be later in the year. DWTS typically airs from September to November, and films live in Los Angeles, California.

Do you want to see Joey Graziadei on Season 33 of Dancing With The Stars? Do you think he hinted at it during his interview with Jason Tartick?

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