Joan Vassos Begins ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Journey In Special Way

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joan Vassos is the first Golden Bachelorette See the special way she began her journey of filming the reality show.

Golden Bachelorette Starts Filming

Filming for the first season of The Golden Bachelorette has reportedly started filming. The show is scheduled to air this fall on ABC. The spinoff comes on the heels of a historic Golden Bachelor season featuring senior citizens looking for a second chance at love.

Gerry Turner thought he found it with Theresa Nist. The pair didn’t waste time and married less than two months after the season finale aired. However, the marriage quickly crashed and burned. They announced on GMA in April that they were divorcing after just three months of marriage. Neither senior wanted to uproot their lives and move away from their families.

Despite the disappointing outcome, ABC went ahead with plans for a Golden Bachelorette spinoff. Joan Vassos was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor but left early due to a family emergency. She was later named the first Golden Bachelorette. Fans were expecting the role to go to Leslie Fhima or Faith Martin but are still excited to watch Joan.

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube
Credit: ABC YouTube

Joan Vassos Begins Journey In A Special Way

Joan Vassos previously revealed that she has no plans to move for love. So, her suitors, who won’t include Tyler Cameron’s father, better be prepared to relocate to where Joan lives. She took to her Instagram this week to share the special way she began her Golden Bachelorette journey.

She revealed that a group of her close friends and family threw her a send-off. According to, the golden-themed party included a “gold disco ball that says, “time to shine” and custom cocktails called “The Final Rose” and “Here for the Right Reasons.”

“Congratulations Joan! Good luck on your Golden journey,” a large sign read.

Joan shared that she was “so thankful” for the support from her loved ones.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Jenn Tran Looks For Love First

Joan Vassos isn’t the only former contestant hoping for a second chance at love. Jenn Tran was a contestant on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. She was announced as the lead for Season 21 of The Bachelorette.

Bachelor Nation fans will get back-to-back seasons starting this summer. Jenn’s season recently finished filming and will begin airing on Monday, July 8.

Are you more excited to watch Jenn Tran as The Bachelorette or Joan Vassos as Golden Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments.

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