‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Shocked Ken Jennings’ Cruel Humor Was Allowed

Ken Jennings - GMA- YouTube

Although Jeopardy! host, Ken Jennings is witty and fast, sometimes his dark humor is a little over the line. Recently, some fans think one of his cruel jokes was appalling on air.

Ken Jennings Loves A Good Joke

Ken Jennings is stepping into big shoes with his predecessor, Alex Trebek, having a legendary run on Jeopardy! But Ken has a fast sense of humor that gives him the edge in competing and in his new hosting gig. Undoubtedly, he loves a good practical joke and knows how to keep a straight face. However, his big brain sometimes forgets to filter dark humor while on air. Now fans are questioning why one in particular didn’t get an edit.

Ken Jennings - GMA- YouTube
Ken Jennings – GMA- YouTube

Jeopardy! Shocks Fans By Allowing Cruel Humor

Over the weekend, a Jeopardy! clip went viral with Ken Jennings showing his seventy-fourth day on the show as a competitor in 2004. At the time, Ken was competing and Alex Trebek was the host. Admittedly, Ken has said it is pretty nerve-wracking standing at the podium preparing to buzz in. Additionally, Ken’s winning streak was at stake. But the young Ken stood tall while selecting the category “Businessmen” which landed him the Daily Double. Conservatively, wagering only $1000, Alex seems perplexed. Ken says, “I’m not really crazy about the category.” Alex curiously asks, “You don’t really like businessmen?” Ken starkly replies, “I hate them all.” But he doesn’t stop there. Going into a cruel sense of humor he adds, “Come revelation, we’re gonna string ‘em up.”

He cracks an inappropriate joke. - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings cracks an inappropriate joke. – Jeopardy!

Fans Weigh In On Ken Jennings’ Joke

On X a user posted the clip. The person captions: “My king. Wonder how he’s doing.” Since posting, the video has had two million views and 50,000 likes. Other Jeopardy! viewers were quick to weigh in on Ken’s dark humor.

  • But another fan can’t believe they don’t realize Ken Jennings is the current host. They confusingly say, “What do you mean ‘I wonder how he’s doing,’ he’s the HOST.”
  • “Great, considering they still handed the show over to him, lmao.”
  • “Can’t believe they didn’t cut this out, lmao.”
  • “He was so real for this.”
  • “So glad he ended up being the new host.”
  • Someone else remembers another jewel with Ken saying, “My dad’s a lawyer, so let’s take bloodsuckers for 400, please.”
  • Another commenter points out Alex Trebek’s, “Woah!” in response.
Alex Trebek is stunned by Ken Jennings' joke. - Jeopardy!
Alex Trebek is stunned by Ken Jennings’ joke. – Jeopardy!

What do you think about Ken Jennings’ cruel humor? Do you think it should have been edited out of the show? Are you surprised Jeopardy! still offered Ken the job? Drop your comments below.

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