Dr. Michael Mosley Last Interview Makes Death Even More Tragic

TV Doctor Michael Mosley | YouTube

Television doctor Dr. Michael Mosley died while at his vacation home last week. The doctor disappeared after going for a walk one afternoon, and it took four days for anyone to find his body. While his death is sad, his final interview adds a layer of tragedy to his passing.

Here is what he said in his final interview that makes this death hit even harder.

Dr. Michael Mosley Didn’t Want To Die Young

Dr. Michael Mosley was on the Greek island of Symi, where Mosley and his wife were at their holiday home. He left at 1:30 p.m. for a walk on a beach and never returned. While he was only expected to be gone for 20 minutes, his wife called authorities when he didn’t return by the evening.

Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube
Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube

It was close to 104 degrees that day, and he appeared to have gotten lost while walking to Agia Marina. His body was found behind a fence only yards away from a bar where he could have found shelter and possibly saved his life. Sadly, his body wasn’t found until four days after he disappeared. The autopsy said it appeared he sat down to rest and fell unconscious, dying.

What makes this even more tragic is the last interview the television doctor conducted. Mosley spoke to the Telegraph last April and said that his own father died early in life. His dad was diagnosed with diabetes in his 50s, something that Dr. Mosley was also diagnosed with over his life.

“My dad died at the age of 74 from complications of diabetes. I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I was,” Mosley said in the interview. He said this means that his dad couldn’t see his grandchildren grow up. He then said, “That’s not a road I want to go down.”

Mosley was 67 when he died.

Who Is Dr. Michael Mosley?

Dr. Michael Mosley is a TV doctor who said he picked up his passion for nutrician and adventure thanks to the passing of his father, who he said died young at only 74 years old.

Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube
Dr Michael Mosley | YouTube

He was not only a doctor working to help people but also a television host, a documentary filmmaker, and a podcaster. He said he refused to retire as he got older, as many of his friends had done. “I’m 67, and a lot of my mates are now retired. I am quite happy to go on writing and giving public speeches and making telly and podcasts.”

Mosley was famous in Britain for his BBC programs, regular television and radio appearances, and Daily Mail newspaper column. He was also known outside the U.K. for his 2013 book, The Fast Diet. He also made several films about diet and exercise.

Mosley also previously stated that people should live in the moment without their mobile phones on them. He didn’t have his mobile phone after getting lost on the day that he died.

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