Denise Richards’ Husband Dragged Back To Court Over Massive Debt

Denise Richards-Instagram

RHOBH alum Denise Richards’ husband, Aaron Phypers is being dragged back to court over a massive debt. He was a featured househusband during Denise’s two-year stint on the Bravo reality series. Now, an old debt from around that time period has resurfaced. So, how much does he owe? Keep reading for more details.

Denise Richards’ Husband Dragged Back To Court Over Massive Debt

When Denise Richards joined RHOBH in Season 9, she was dating Aaron Phypers. At the time, he was finalizing his divorce from Nicollette Sheridan. As soon as it was over, he and Denise decided to get married within days. They seemed very happy and she talked about him having his own business. More so, Denise gushed over how hot he was and what a great father figure he was. By Season 10, he talked about having cures for things and being followed. It was a little excessive but he was very serious.

Denise Richards-Instagram
Denise Richards-Instagram

Denise exited after that season and eventually started on OnlyFans but it seems that Aaron took out a business loan. According to In Touch Weekly, he took out a $190K business loan in November 2019 for Quantum Epigenetics Consulting. This is his infamous frequency medicine healing center. Upon taking out said loan, Aaron agreed to pay $11K worth of interest. Unfortunately, he defaulted which caused a lawsuit by the Creditors Adjustment Bureau. Now, Denise’s hubby has not said he does not owe this money but rather blamed the pandemic for hurting his business.

His filing said this:

“Those events could be neither anticipated nor controlled, and the effects were beyond the control of the parties and imposed an extreme hardship, expense, or difficulty rendering performance impossible.”

Aaron did make a deal where he would make six monthly payments of $10K but he only made four. So far, it seems he has paid back $40K so when he defaulted, things went back to court. That was when the company entered a judgment of $228k against him. Interestingly enough, it does not appear that Denise has helped him in any financial capacity and he is handling it on his own.

Making Moves & Money

This news comes right after Denise Richards shared she and her family would be back for a new reality show. It is set to hit E! in 2025. More so, she is making bank on OnlyFans, which was a hot topic on Season 13 of RHOBH which she also had a few cameos. As for legal problems, Denise has dealt with a lot when it comes to her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. However, in regards to Aaron Phypers, the only other time they had problems was in 2021. The duo had a problem with their landlord but it is unclear what the issue was.

Are you shocked that Denise’s second husband is facing legal problems? Or, did you get interesting vibes from him when he was on RHOBH? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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