’90 Day Fiance’ Gino Palazzolo Calls Jasmine Pineda ‘Unsafe’

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda

90 Day FianceĀ star Gino Palazzolo has called Jasmine Pineda an “unsafe partner”. This happened after she posted about their first wedding anniversary. Fans have seen the two go through plenty of ups and downs. There have been plenty of arguments and almost breakups. Gino and Jasmine are one of the more toxic couples on the show. Keep reading to find out more about this situation.

Jasmine Pineda Has A New Boyfriend

Jasmine Pineda has a new boyfriend. The two have supposedly been dating since November 2023. What is rumored to have happened is that Gino found Jasmine cheating on him with Matt. He then kicked her out of his home. She has supposedly been living with Matt since then. The two met at their gym and have been seen going to the gym together, even this month. However, it has not been confirmed by either of them and this could be due to their contract. Regardless, Jasmine has not been afraid to show she has a new fling on social media. Gino was not afraid to blast Jasmine on social media though.

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Gino Palazzolo Blasts Her

Jasmine made a post on Instagram. This was celebrating their first wedding anniversary. However, she did not tag Gino. Fans think the only reason she posted this is because they have a contract that they have to go along with the timing of the show. Gino then posted on his story. This was a drawing of an “unsafe partner”. It showed traits such as not being open to feedback. A partner apologizes but then continues the same behavior. The partner always has to go out of their way to prove that they are right and make the other feel bad. This all concluded to signs of an “unsafe partner”. This was directed at Jasmine. He would not post this if it was not meant for her. It is safe to say the two are not on good terms.


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It seems that Gino thinks Jasmine is an “unsafe partner”. Fans know that the two are no longer together. However, they have a contract that keeps them from saying too much about their personal lives. Regardless, Jasmine is flirting with her new boyfriend on social media and posting pictures of them holding hands. The two did not work out and viewers saw that coming. What do you think about what Gino said? Do you agree with him? Sound off in the comments below.

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