‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Confesses To ‘Spying’ Through Cameras

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from Meri Brown's Instagram page

It seems like Sister Wives star Meri Brown has done some spying lately!

Since the TLC star ended her marriage to Kody Brown, many fans have wondered what her next steps will look like. Sister Wives Season 19 can’t be too far off. In the meantime, viewers follow the stars online to keep up with their lives.

Meri Brown might be estranged from many members of the family, but she’s certainly not lonely. But even so, she recently confessed to doing a bit of spying.

Keep reading and see what she had to say.

Meri Brown Keeps Tabs On Her Beloved

Many Sister Wives fans have mixed feelings about Meri Brown. But at the end of the day, most agreed that she deserved better treatment than what Kody Brown provided.

Now, she’s happily single and living her best life. Meri frequently travels with her friends and even adopted a dog, Zona. These days, she feels her days with various projects when she isn’t filming new episodes of Sister Wives.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from Meri Brown's Instagram page
Meri Brown/Instagram

And while she explores the world with her buddies, she also keeps an eye on Zona through handy cameras. Zona probably doesn’t care if Meri “spies” on her, but fans found the post to be absolutely funny and cute.

“This silly girl of mine!” Meri captioned her Instagram post. “I’ve been traveling for over a week, so I took Miss Zona to a doggie day care to be boarded while I’ve been away. You can bet I spy on her often with the doggie cams! The countdown is on till I get to pick her up, then we’ll be off on our next adventure together! Love her beyond!! 🩷🩷🩷”


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Fans React To The Adorable Instagram Post

Meri Brown has always been a huge dog lover. In the past, she’s loved spending time with her child Leon’s dogs. Fans weren’t at all surprised when she announced she adopted Zona within the last year.

Overall, Meri’s followers thought it was endearing to see how much she loved her pet. Even when Meri isn’t around, she does her best to ensure Zona is well cared for.

Comments included:

  • Awe, she’s so sweet. ❤️”
  • I love that they have doggie cams for you to look in on her ❤️”
  • ❤️ beautiful baby!… hurry home mama 🥰”
  • So cute! Safe travels to you.”

What did you think of Meri Brown’s “spying” confession? What do you think about her adorable relationship with Zona? Don’t forget to add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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