‘Sister Wives’ Do Meri Brown & Leon Have Relationship 2024?

Meri Brown and Leon Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Does Sister Wives star Meri Brown have a relationship with her child, Leon?

Several of the Brown family’s adult children have chosen to step away from the series over the years, Leon Brown included. Since Leon is part of the LGBTQ+ community, they have also distanced themselves from several members of the family.

But does Leon still talk to their mother? Read on and see what other Sister Wives fans had to say.

Where do Leon & Meri Brown Stand In 2024?

So what’s the current status on Meri Brown’s relationship with Leon? Sister Wives is on the off-season right now, but fans are still curious about the cast’s personal lives.

“Do you think Leon has a relationship with Meri?” a Redditor wondered online. “… I don’t see posts or photos of Leon with Meri. I wonder if they’re close?”

Although many of the Sister Wives cast members are estranged from Meri, many other Redditors didn’t think there was any reason that Leon would be.

Meri Brown and Leon Brown from Instagram
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Instead, Redditors suggested that Leon and Meri maintain a private relationship. Since Leon came out as trans, adopted a new name, and shared they would use “they/them” pronouns, many Instagram users have said very ugly things in the comments.


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Many Redditors believed that was most of the reason Meri stopped sharing photos of Leon. Comments in the Reddit thread included:

  • Probably because the comments when Meri posts Leon are horrid. I think they have a relationship and prefer to keep it private.”
  • Yup. Just because they are not in social media together doesn’t mean necessarily that they don’t have relationship. I’m gonna beat my drum again – social media may or may not be reality.”
  • That’s sadly most of the fanbase. Some of the comments under the post Christine made about Gwen’s wedding were so ignorant, homophobic, and hateful. I’m surprised they don’t limit comments on their posts about their kids and families.”
  • Man, I am just waiting for Leon’s memoir. I will read the heck out of it. (Note: Leon has never said they’re writing a memoir. I just hope they will.)”

Leon Brown & Audrey Kriss Live A Beautiful, Quiet Life Together

Although Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss appeared on Sister Wives together when they first started dating, they’ve largely stepped away from the program since. They both went on to adopt “they/them” pronouns and now prioritize their time with people who love and accept them. Since the Browns live in a fundamentalist community, it’s not necessarily a safe place for Audrey and Leon to spend much time.


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What do you make of the situation? Do Meri and Leon Brown have a strong relationship? Or have things soured over the years? Share what you think in the comments.

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  1. I believe they do, but maybe they want to keep it to themselves. People can say the most awful about people. So what if they are way, this is what they chose to be. Leave them alone and let them live their life they want to.

  2. ya, church doesn’t teach you to hate…not yourself or anyone….so it seems that she did not go to a real church.

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