‘Sister Wives’ Clues Christine Brown’s Daughter, Mykelti Pregnant Again?

Mykelti Brown and Christine Brown via insta

Sister Wives fans are picking up on many clues that indicate Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti could be pregnant again. Many feel her recent actions and comments are very telling. Why exactly are fans speculating she could be having another baby? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Sister Wives Fans Speculate On Clues Mykelti Is Pregnant

Sister Wives fans are speculating that Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti Padron could be expecting another baby. There have been rumors floating around that she may be hiding a baby bump for a few months now.

Fans have been picking up on clues from social media that have some very suspicious. Some of the speculation began when photos from Garrison Brown’s military memorial service were released by the Nevada National Guard.

At the time she slammed the National Guard for the photos shared publicly. However, many fans believe she was angry for the wrong reasons. Some think it had more to do with the comments made about her appearance than about her brother’s service being shared. The comments criticized her outfit and many said she was hiding a pregnancy.

Mykelti Brown Padron-Facebook
Mykelti Brown Padron-Facebook

Now, a few months later, the speculation continues and fans are talking about it on Reddit. Christine Brown’s latest Instagram post has many once again saying she is hiding her stomach.

Some feel like this is out of character for her and she would normally be showing off her weight loss rather than hiding behind Christine and wearing baggy clothes.

What Fans Are Saying

Fans on Reddit are thinking it is entirely possible the Sister Wives star is pregnant again. One fan said, “Well Mykleti is a strange one.. why is she looking like that… also I agree she could be hiding another baby bump.. bc at her brother’s memorial she was hiding her stomach then”

Another said she could be hiding it from pregnancy but also could just be tired of people criticizing her appearance.

Mykelti has previously commented that so many look for ways to scrutinize their family. Some think she was just upset because of the comments directed toward her and her husband. He was criticized for wearing a hat during Garrison’s service.

Christine Brown, David Woolley, Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson, and kids. - Sister Wives - Instagram
Christine Brown, David Woolley, Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson, and kids. – Sister Wives – Instagram

There has been no confirmation from the Brown family about another pregnancy. Fans are simply picking up on clues and forming their own theories about why Mykelti’s appearance seems to have changed in recent months.

What do you think about these rumors? Could she be pregnant again?

Stay tuned for more updates on all things Sister Wives. 

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