Scheana Shay Claims ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cut Pivotal Moments

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Scheana Shay is claiming that Vanderpump Rules cut pivotal moments that fans should have seen. More so, she thinks these are scenes that may have changed viewers’ opinions on the whole season. So, what ended up on the cutting room floor? Keep reading for more details on what Scheana had to say.

Scheana Shay Claims Vanderpump Rules Cut Pivotal Moments

Season 11 had Vanderpump Rules fans very torn, especially when it came to the cast. Some walked away feeling that Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney won the season. Others either loved Lala Kent for speaking her truth or felt that she was thirsty and constantly lashed out. As for Scheana Shay, she showed no loyalty to anyone and was exuding jealousy at all of Ariana’s opportunities, especially DWTS. In part 3 of the reunion, she saw how broken Ariana was yet she apologized profusely to Lala. Apparently, that was not all that happened when the show ended.

Scheana Shay-YouTube
Scheana Shay-YouTube

According to Meaww, Scheana took to a podcast to explain that the reunion was edited in a specific way. She alleges that production wanted to stick to a storyline and this was how they went about it:

“There was a moment after the Reunion where Ariana (Madix) gave me a hug and told me she loved me.”

Unfortunately for viewers, all they got to see was Scheana’s interactions with Lala. It appeared as though she and Ariana left on a sour note which may or may not have been true. As of now, Scheana has admitted she, Ariana, and Tom Sandoval do not really speak. The Vanderpump Rules OG added of these special moments:

“I wish you gotta see more of those because that’s what people wanted.”


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After learning about this, what did fans of the show have to say regarding Scheana Shay’s claims? More so, did they believe her?

  • I don’t think throwing production under the bus is going to work out for her
  • Gurlll is werking overtime on the damage control… 🤔
  • She’s trying to weasel out of her behavior as usual!!

Stop It, Scheana

For the fans, they felt Scheana Shay was just placing the blame for her bad behavior on production and it fell flat. Some noted that she was talking poorly about Ariana Madix all season so saying one moment was not aired meant nothing. Scheana had said that showrunner, Alex Baskin came to the cast and said they would be canceled if the drama was not amped up. That is allegedly why Lala Kent went off the way that she did. More so, why Scheana worked as hard as she did because she wanted to protect the jobs of those behind the scenes.

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

However, Baskin has since come out and refuted this, saying that he wanted the cast to get back to where they once were. The show is currently on an indefinite filming hiatus for Season 12 and viewers are not convinced the show will return.

Do you believe what Scheana is saying or do you think she is trying to make herself look good? Let us know in the comments below.

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