‘Perfect Match’ Harry Jowsey Confirmed Dom Was Cheated On

Harry Jowsey

Perfect Match Harry Jowsey has confirmed that Dom Gabriel was cheated on. The first six episodes of the second season were released. More episodes will be released on June 14. Fans have already fallen in love with Perfect Match and are here for all the tea. Harry has revealed what happened between Dom and his ex, Georgia. The two won the first season of the show. However, it did not work out. Keep reading to find out why.

Perfect Match Stirs Things Up

A lot has already happened during the first six episodes of Perfect Match. Harry was matched with Elys. However, that did not last long. Micah and Kaz went into the board room and decided to spice things up. They saw that Jessica was Harry’s type to a tee. They decided to send him on a date with her. Harry was immediately attracted to her and decided to pursue her instead of Elys. This caused a lot of drama between the two and now Elys is only focusing on beating Harry. Some of the other couples have also switched things up and there is of course going to be more drama to come.

Harry Jowsey from Saving Grace podcast, sourced from YouTube

Harry Jowsey Confirms What Happened

Harry Jowsey had his friend, Dom Gabriel, in the house. Dom won the first season of Perfect Match with Georgia Hassarati. However, the relationship did not last long, and Harry revealed why.

“I didn’t watch the first season of Perfect Match because I had three ex-girlfriends on it, all I know is that the perfect match wins, and on the last season, the perfect match didn’t win because she cheated on that guy with me.”

Yikes. However, Dom and Harry moved past the issue and ended up being friends in the end. This was until Dom decided to make a rude comment towards Harry in front of Jessica. This caused their first little fight.

Harry Jowsey from Boyfriend Material podcast, sourced from YouTube
Harry Jowsey from Boyfriend Material podcast, sourced from YouTube

It seems Harry does know what happened. This is because Harry was the one Georgia cheated on Dom with. Harry has already had a hard time on the show due to everyone questioning his character. However, Jessica has given him the benefit of the doubt and wants to find out for herself. Fans love Jessica from her time on Love Is Blind. Do you think the two are going to work out in the end? Are you shocked about Dom and Harry? Sound off in the comments below.

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