‘Love After Lockup’ Mike Harmon Arrested For DV Against Chelsea

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Love After Lockup star Mike Harmon has been arrested for domestic violence against Chelsea Gilliam. The two were somewhat of fan favorites after he learned ASL for her. So, what went wrong? Keep reading for all of the details that are known so far.

Love After Lockup Mike Harmon Arrested For DV Against Chelsea

Fans really liked Mike Harmon when he showed his dedication to Chelsea Gilliam on Love During and After Lockup. They met online and he discovered that she was deaf. Rather than be scared away, Mike opted to start learning sign language so he could communicate with her. Then, he shared that he was also going deaf, as well and wore a hearing aid. It seemed like a match made in heaven plus his family met her and really liked her a lot. She had a rough past that she had not completely disclosed to Mike so she was not going to immediately be intimate with Mike upon his release.

Mikey Harmon, Chelsea Gilliam-Love After Lockup-YouTube
Mikey Harmon, Chelsea Gilliam-Love After Lockup-YouTube

They did get together and though it was hard for Mike not to be with Chelsea in a physical way, he knew she was worth the wait. The Love After Lockup couple lived in different states so they had to wait a certain amount of time for a move to take place. Plus, Mike had a daughter whom he was so anxious to reconnect with. They both had their own issues they had to work through yet Mike had an immense amount of patience with Chelsea. Unfortunately, things have since soured after their season ended.


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According to Kiki & Kibbitz, Mike Harmon was just arrested for domestic violence against Chelsea Gilliam. Chelsea had posted that she was single due to the DV and there were also a bunch of witnesses who saw this incident. Additionally, she noted what happened has caused her to struggle. Mike was arrested on Sunday, June 9th at 830 pm in Ohio. As of now, that is all that is known about the case and it is unclear if he is still being held.

Fans Shocked?

After seeing the news about the Love After Lockup star, were fans shocked? They headed to the comment section to share their thoughts about Mike Harmon’s arrest:

  • D*mn this makes me sad I liked them together on the show! Just goes to show you never know what’s going on behind closed doors!
  • I liked him, but not her so much.
  • This man doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Let’s see the proof 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Nah cause she seems like the type to cry wolf over anything

Many were rooting for them to work out and, interestingly enough, many did not believe that Mike was capable of this. Again, Chelsea said she had witnesses so it is a matter of time before they have their day in court.

Are you shocked about this turn of events? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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