Kristen Doute Gets Weight-Shamed By Ex Boyfriend At Jax’s

Kristen Doute

Kristen Doute has recently spoken out about how she was weight-shamed by her ex at Jax’s bar. Fans feel bad for Kristen as no one should be weight-shamed. However, Kristen was surprisingly mature about the situation. She also got into a fight with Jax Taylor about the situation. There was a lot that happened. Keep reading to find out more about the situation.

Kristen Doute In Relationship

Kristen Doute has been in a relationship with Luke Broderick. Fans saw their relationship on The Valley. The two of them moved quickly when it came to wanting a family. Neither of them was in a rush to get married. However, they both wanted to have a child. They were trying the entire time of filming. Kristen then revealed during the finale that she suffered a miscarriage. Fans felt bad for Kristen and were sad that she had to go through that. However, they are going to keep trying.

Kristen Doute-YouTube
Kristen Doute-YouTube

She Was Weight-Shamed By Her Ex

Kristen was invited to Jeremy Madix’s birthday party. This was held at Jax’s Studio City. However, her ex, Alex Menache, was also invited. During the party, Kristen wanted Jax to remove him. However, that did not happen. Jeremy also offered to not allow him to come. However, Kristen was mature about the situation and said they would go at different times. When she got there, Alex was still there. 

 “He started shouting some really gnarly, sh*tty things at me, looks like the Ozempic didn’t work, bitch.’ Stuff like that.”

Kristen left because she was upset. She was also upset with Jax and messaged him.

 “[I] sent Jax some texts after, like, ‘I’m so beyond disappointed. Like, I need a break from you.’ Whatever.”

Jax’s excuse was that he was going through a lot. However, he did not apologize and still has not. Fans are not surprised and do not expect him to apologize to Kristen for letting him do that.

Kristen Doute/Pump Rules/Instagram
Kristen Doute/Pump Rules/Instagram

It seems that Alex was just jealous that Kristen did not want him anymore. That is how fans feel since there was no reason to speak to her like that. Kristen can be the one to start drama sometimes. However, this time was not her fault. Kristen was mature about the situation and was just going to go at a different time than him. However, he was still there when she arrived. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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