Which ‘Full House’ Star Did Dave Coulier Unexpectedly Reunite With?

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Although Full House took place in the Bay Area, it turns out unexpected reunions take place in Beverly Hills. Dave Coulier just met up with an alum of the hit series. Who did he run into and how did they commemorate this special occasion?

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Dave Coulier Unexpectedly Runs Into Full House Alum In Beverly Hills

On Friday, Full House star Dave Coulier shared on Instagram a selfie with one of his former costars, Lori Loughlin. He wrote, “I was taking a walk through Beverly Hills today and guess who spotted me? What are the chances! 🎶Everywhere you look 🎶 @fullhouserewind #rebeccadonaldson #joeygladstone #fullhouse.”

A very trim Dave Coulier is wearing dark sunglasses and his grey baseball hat on backward. As for Lori, she looks classic with pearl stud earrings, some gold necklaces, and a white blazer and t-shirt. She certainly does not look like she is out working out. The 59-year-old actress looks well-dressed and very summery looking.

Although the two worked together over thirty years ago, they still look happy to see each other. The show’s nostalgia has never waned, nor has their friendship. It seems that since Bob Saget’s tragic death, the remaining cast mates seem to relish reuniting. They always celebrate it with photos for fans.

Former Home & Family host Debbie Matenopoulos even mentioned Saget. “Awww love that!! Bog made that happen for sure 🪽.”

Dave’s wife Melissa Colter wrote, “Nothing makes my heart happier than THIS. 🥰🥰” Candace Cameron Bure shared that sentiment as she liked it.


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Dave Coulier And Series Creator Have A YouTube Page

Those Full House fans who may want to know some BTS news and exclusive interviews will want to check out the Full House Rewind With Dave Coulier YouTube page and Spotify podcast. The 64-year-old actor and the series creator Jeff Franklin take some deep dives into the hit series. That includes some casting choices, and even how many babies auditioned for the part of Michelle. They even talk about how John Stamos almost left the series. That must be quite a story! Best of all, there are even more stories that should entertain fans for weeks on end.

Best of all, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, and others have been guests on the series. This is a comfortable setting where the actors feel comfortable sharing some previously undisclosed tidbits. This just makes fans feel closer to their favorite stars and series.

Full House fans, do you love this fun and unexpected reunion of Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin? Do you enjoy seeing the old cast mates get together? Are you also catching up with the podcast and learning more about your favorite series?

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