‘Chicago Med’ Fan Favorite Hints At Possible Big Return

Brian Tee | Chicago Med

Several TV shows have lost beloved stars over the past month. However, the losses open the door for some possible returns in the future. That could happen with Chicago Med. According to the actor who played the role, a popular doctor who left the show two years ago could return.

Here is who might be coming back and what this could mean for Chicago Med.

Could Dr. Ethan Choi Return To Chicago Med?

Brian Tee, who played Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med for eight seasons, left the series two years ago. However, Tee has not kept away from the show. He has actually returned twice, just not on camera. Since leaving the series, Tee returned to direct two episodes.

Brian Tee | Chicago Med
Brian Tee | Chicago Med

Tee directed the Season 8 episode “Know When to Hold and When to Fold” and the Season 9 episode “I Think There Is Something You’re Not Telling Me.” While the actor says this allows him always to keep his hand in the show, he also said that fans shouldn’t be surprised if Choi returns one day.

“There’s always conversation [about] returning on screen,” Tee said (via TVLine). “So we’ll always start that conversation, and if the right time or the right storyline comes along, maybe it might happen. So it’s kind of one of those things that you never say goodbye to.”

As for what Dr. Ethan Choi would do, the actor said that there might be a time when the hospital needs help with a tragedy or catastrophe. He said that Choi, Will Halstead, and April could return to help fix things.

Tee has also been busy with other projects. He starred in the Prime Video miniseries Expats, playing Nicole Kidman’s character’s husband. He also has a role in the upcoming third season of Reacher.

Why Did Choi Leave Chicago Med?

Brian Tee left Chicago Med after eight seasons on the show. His last appearance in the series saw Dr. Ethan Choi marry April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta). When it came to him leaving, co-showrunner Andrew Schneider told People that Choi and April would start a “mobile clinic so that together they can take first-rate medical care to underserved neighborhoods in Chicago.”

Brian Tee | Chicago Med
Brian Tee | Chicago Med

However, Schneider also said he would keep Ethan and April “in town” so they could return in the future. The production team decided for Choi to leave, as they felt both characters evolved to the point where they deserved “closure and a happy ending.”

“Playing Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med has been such a gift and a blessing,” Tee said at the time. “Just having an Asian face as a leading man was a stepping stone if not the ladder.”

Do you want to see Dr. Ethan Choi back on Chicago Med in the future? Do you miss seeing Brian Tee on the medical drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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