‘Vanderpump Rules’ Rachel Leviss Charging For Relationship Advice

Rachel Leviss-Instagram

Vanderpump Rules alum Rachel Leviss is now charging for relationship advice as well as pep talks. It has been roughly a year since she left the mental health facility she was in after ‘Scandoval.’ Now it appears that she has all of the answers to life’s problems and wants to share them with the world. Keep reading for more details on how one can get access to her tips.

Vanderpump Rules Rachel Leviss Charging For Relationship Advice

Rachel Leviss had two relationships during her time on Vanderpump Rules. The first was with a young DJ James Kennedy while she was still in college. She did her best to get him on a sober track and then they got engaged. Unfortunately, that ended and they parted ways with him finding a new love fairly fast in Ally Lewber. As for Rachel, she struggled not being a pageant girl any longer so she dated around. She went out with SUR manager, Peter Madrigal and Garcelle Beauvais’ married son, Oliver.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

Then, it was revealed that she and Tom Sandoval had been having an affair for seven months. Not only was he best friends with James Kennedy but she was extremely close to Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix. The cast and fans despised Rachel and Sandoval so she headed to treatment after the Season 10 reunion, not returning for Season 11. Now, a year after leaving the facility, Rachel is offering advice of all kinds.

This made it to a Reddit thread as fans could not believe that Rachel Leviss would be advising for a fee. She has been exposing the cast and crew of Vanderpump Rules on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue so people still do not care for her. So, will she be making money off of her latest venture?

  • Girl…… who the h*ll would pay for this? Also love how she says “Father’s Day” first…
  • Is she f**king with us? Is it the edible or is this hilarious. Like, I’m sorry ma’am but WUT? Relationship advice?
  • WTF!??? Relationship advice?
  • The level of delusion is…astounding
  • The poster child for lack of self-awareness

How Much For The Video?

One follower joked that the last time someone filmed Rachel Leviss, she sued them. Now, she wants people to pay money for a video from the Vanderpump Rules alum. So, how much is a Cameo from Rachel going to set fans back? It will be $219 but act fast because she only has two videos left. However, eagle-eyed fans may notice one thing when trying to book a Cameo from Rachel. She lies about herself. In the details, it says she is 31, her birthday is February 6th, and that she is an Aquarius. That is false as she was born on September 12th, 1994, making her a Virgo and just 29.

Would you book an advice video from Rachel, just to see what she had to say? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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