‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Predict Tom Sandoval Cast Takeover

Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Vanderpump Rules fans are predicting that Season 12 will be a Tom Sandoval cast takeover. Right now, the show is on pause for the foreseeable future. It is unclear when the hit Bravo series will start filming again or who will return when it does. Yet, the speculation is that it will include Sandoval and his followers. Keep reading for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Fans Predict Tom Sandoval Cast Takeover

Tom Sandoval spent all of Vanderpump Rules Season 11 trying to get the cast to forgive him after his affair with Rachel Leviss. This caused his nearly decade-long relationship with Ariana Madix to crumble. Due to the fact that he betrayed her and slept with her best friend for months, the cast sided with Ariana. Ariana was also firm about not associating with anyone who chose to be close with Sandoval. Now, with Season 12 on an indefinite hold and Ariana off filming Love Island and heading back to Broadway, the cast is up in the air.

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay have said they want to head to The Valley but that likely won’t happen. There is a lot of speculation as to who will be coming on for the new season of VPR to freshen it up. Sandoval and his former bestie, Billie Lee are not on speaking terms after his new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson came between them. Yet, a Reddit thread was started and some think this is all staged to bring them on as cast members.

  • I think Billie, and Kyle will be full time cast members and Victoria a “friend” the timing and how Billie responded is setting off my “welp this seems fake”. I also think Jo is going to be full time


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Kyle would be Kyle Chan who is the longtime jewelry designer. Then, the OP added that this would be Tom Sandoval’s season. So, did anyone else agree?

  • I believe they’re doing this to create storylines and tom has engineered it. But zero chance of it happening.
  • There may be some truth to that. 
  • There is something very manufacabout all of it.

Boring & Bad

Some Vanderpump Rules fans felt that Season 12 would be used as Tom Sandoval’s true redemption moment. He tried very hard in Season 11 and it fell flat but maybe they would give it one more shot:

  • I commented on Instagram that my new theory is that Tim will go to rehab and next next season will be his do over redemption season

It was also predicted that Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix would not be returning for another season. That being said, giving Sandoval what he wants would make sense. However, no one wanted to see Kyle Chan, Billie Lee, or Victoria Lee Robinson as cast members. They thought it would be boring and not worth watching.

Do you think that this is a possibility or a stretch? Let us know in the comments who your ideal cast would be.

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  1. Would not watch a show featuring Sandoval. Just another narcissist move on his part. I love Vanderpump Rules with the original people and would love to see Stassi and Beau back for a season. The less of Sandoval , the better . Would love to see Lala , Scheana , Ariana , Katie , Ally , and especially James.

    1. let me sum up the whole Scandoval.. 1st I had not watched the last 4 or so seasons on VR. these were all very entertaining. and watching the whole affair kinda unfold.. was crazy.

      Obviously what Tom did was effed up to say the least.. and Arianna got the short end of the stick. Now I would imagine they were having relationship issues before this.. what relationship doesn’t have its ups and downs..?

      but it hindsight.. now that the dust has settled. Arianna expecting the others in the crew also friends of Tom to completely sever connection with him is childish. And Scheana was the one who seemed most human feeling caught in the middle, on one hand she wants to support Arianna but knows Tom is a good dude and real friend.

      to ever see Tom and Arianna cordial with one another probably will never happen.. but the others with the exception of Katie all have accepted him. So just grow up and be an Adult about it..

      i do think Arianna still loves Tom yet she will never admit it. so her raging hatred is on display to mask this. And then outcasting Schwartz just by association is BS. Tom S is the nicest most genuine dude on the Show.

  2. Katie and Ariana can go be angry, holier than thou egomaniacs somewhere else.
    didn’t Tom and Ariana hook up behind Doutes back?
    haven’t BOTH Ariana and Katie been total hypocrites and plain nasty to so many people, both men and women, throughout Lal the seasons… especially katie. the way she treated Jo was horrifying.
    and ariana…. get OVER YOURSELF.
    Loved Lala and James this season!!
    congrats to both of them for all the hardships they’ve come back from and THRIVING!!!

  3. I don’t think the producers would risk losing their fanbase by having an entire season centered around Sandoval and then add his minions to the cast.

    Kyle seems nice but he hasn’t made for good TV and Billie has already been a cast member and couldn’t cut it.

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