‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Pregnant With Baby #3

Myrka Cantu-Instagram

Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu is pregnant with her third child. She shared the big news on her social media and she appeared to be thrilled. So, what did the announcement look like? Keep reading for all of the details on baby number three.

Unexpected Myrka Cantu Pregnant With Baby #3

When Myrka Cantu joined Unexpected with her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra, her mother was not thrilled she was a pregnant teen. Myrka ended up moving in with Ethan and his family who made things so much better for the expectant parents. They took her to all of her appointments and she welcomed her baby girl, Attalie. Unfortunately, Ethan’s parents split and that forced the teen parents out on their own and they ended up falling apart, as well. After just one season, she left the show. She did reconcile with her mother but she struggled emotionally, not even making it to her high school graduation.

Myrka Cantu/Unexpected/Instagram
Myrka Cantu-Instagram

Myrka ended up meeting a man named Juan and they welcomed another little girl named Axelia in January 2023. She has kept her children out of the social media eye but now, Myrka and Juan have some very big news. The couple is expecting baby number three as they shared on Myrka’s Instagram. He is donning a light brown shirt with white flowers on it and looking back at Myrka who is in a patterned dress. Her nails are long and manicured as she holds both a positive digital pregnancy test and a sonogram.


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In the second snap, he is looking at the camera while she is looking at him, with their hands on each other. The sonogram and pregnancy test are still in Myrka’s hand. Fans immediately chimed in with their thoughts and comments:

  • I had a feelingggg ❤️❤️❤️I noticed she disappeared from Tik tok a little bit 😇🙏🏼
  • so so happy for my fav little family 💖🥹, TEAM BOY 🤭
  • Awww yay!! Congratulations. Here’s praying for a healthy & safe pregnancy!
  • YESSSS. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 soooo happy for you!!!

Fellow Unexpected alum Emersyn Potter added: “Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you gorgeous 🤍🥹.”

A New Chapter

Myrka Cantu may have left Unexpected but she is still shocking her followers. It looked like she may have been struggling for some time when she was finishing high school. Then, she met Juan and suddenly, everything clicked for her. She welcomed her second child and seemed much more content. Now, she is preparing for baby number three. No due date or gender has been revealed but all of her followers are anxiously awaiting that information. Some are wondering if she and Juan are engaged but they seem happy with where they are at.

Are you surprised that she is pregnant again? Let us know your thoughts and watch Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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