‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Roast Drew Carey For Live Blunder

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

The Price Is Right fans recently blasted host Drew Carey for an on-air blunder. So, what happened during the show that had fans up in arms?

The Price Is Right Has A Long Tradition

Like other iconic game shows such as Family Feud, The Price Is Right has a long tradition of entertaining families for generations. Bob Barker held it down for years before finally stepping down in 2007. Since then, Drew Carey took over as the host of the iconic show.

As longtime fans know, The Price Is Right is all about guessing the price of big-ticket items. The closer a contestant gets to guessing the actual price of something, the more they win. Many game shows come and go. However, The Price Is Right is one of those shows that manages to stand the test of time. All these years later, viewers continue to tune in.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right / YouTube

Drew Carey Has On-Air Hosting Blunder

One classic element from The Price Is Right is contestants spinning the big wheel for a chance at a cash prize. Mid-spin, Drew Carey asked a contestant to give a shout-out to her family. As she was talking, the wheel landed her in the money.

The way fans see it, this was a huge blunder from Drew Carey. Asking the contestant to give a shout-out mid-spin takes away from the excitement of the entire game.

The good news is, this contestant had the golden touch when it came to the wheel. She was given a second opportunity to spin the wheel to add to her money total. She landed in the money a second time, walking away from that round alone with a grand total of $11k.

Drew Carey - Price Is Right
Drew Carey – The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right: Fans Blast Drew Carey Online

The Price Is Right shared this segment on their official Instagram page. Even though it was a winning moment for the wheel-spinner with the golden touch, many fans took to the comments to roast Drew Carey for his hosting blunder.

  • One commenter said: “Can we stop with the ‘say hi’ and build up the excitement with the contestant as a good amount approaches? It’s so lackluster.”
  • Another commenter chimed in, adding: “Drew Carey really needs to stop asking contestants DO YOU WANT TO SAY HI in the Showcase Showdown (aka the big wheel). Has anyone ever said NO before??”
  • Another The Price Is Right fan agreed, saying: “right especially when they go on for five minutes. It’s kind of stupid. And cringy!”

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