‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Stuns Drew Carey With Near-Perfect Bid

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

The Price Is Right is all about getting as close to the retail price of big-ticket items as possible. During a recent taping, Drew Carey was stunned by a contestant’s near-perfect bid. So, what happened?

The Price Is Right: Game Show Is All About Winning Big

The Price Is Right has a variety of different scenarios in its arsenal. Contestants can win cash by playing several different games over the course of an episode. Whether they spin the big wheel or participate in some other game, it’s all about taking home that big money and making it to the coveted Showcase Showdown.

This list of mini-games leading up to the eventual Showcase Showdown is a fun way to keep viewers entertained. Many The Price Is Right fans have been watching the show for decades. Following Bob Barker stepping down, Drew Carey has held the reins since 2007, and he has done a great job filling those iconic shoes.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey/YouTube

What Is The Showcase Showdown?

The crown jewel in The Price Is Right Crown is making your way through all of the mini-games for a place in the Showcase Showdown. As longtime The Price Is Right viewers know, just making it there doesn’t guarantee a big win. However, making it to the end means the contestants won previous games, which typically come with smaller cash prizes and other perks.

When it comes to the Showcase Showdown, there are two different showcases. Typically, they are similar in theme, featuring big-ticket items that tend to go together. Whichever of the two final remaining contestants bids the closest to their showcase’s retail price ends up winning the showcase, and all the items in it, in addition to any prize money they accumulate along the way.

Drew Carey - Price Is Right
Drew Carey – The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey Stunned By Near-Perfect Bid

During a recent taping of The Price Is Right, Patrice Masse from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada, had absolutely no idea what was in store for him during the Showcase Showdown. He placed a bid of $39,500 on his showcase, feeling confident in his answer as his wife looked on.

It turns out, the actual cost of the showcase was $39,501, with Patrice off by a single dollar. His near-perfect bid won him not just his showcase, but the other showcase as well.

A stunned Drew Carey kept looking back at his card to make sure he had the number right before revealing to Patrice just how close he came to the actual retail price of his showcase.

The Price Is Right host said that this was “the best showcase bid in the history of the show, in my opinion.” Drew Carey told viewers that Masse had “absolutely no help from anybody in the audience.”

Patrice won even bigger than he could have hoped to win, going home with both showcases, a very happy wife, and an iconic show moment that viewers won’t forget.

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