‘Teen Mom’ Rachel Beaver Slams Amber Portwood’s Parenting

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Teen Mom alum Rachel Beaver is jumping on the bandwagon and slamming Amber Portwood’s parenting. Amber recently called her daughter, Leah inappropriate names on The Next Chapter and it was received horribly.  Now, Rachel has a message for the mother of two and she is not holding back. Keep reading to see what she said.

Teen Mom Rachel Beaver Slams Amber Portwood’s Parenting

Rachel Beaver is the latest Teen Mom star to slam Amber Portwood’s parenting. In the Thursday, June 6th episode of The Next Chapter, it was Amber’s daughter, Leah’s 15th birthday. Amber met up with her ex, Gary Shirley, his wife, Kristina, and the birthday girl, Leah. She was late to the birthday party as she has a habit of never being on time. Once she arrived, she was rude to Leah and went so far as to call her a “d*ck.” More so, Amber was also very excited to share that she had a new boyfriend, named Gary.

Amber Portwood-Instagram
Amber Portwood-Instagram

She was not happy that this was completely overlooked. Additionally, Amber was frustrated that Gary was on a schedule but Leah had homework to do. After this episode aired, Amber’s co-stars were livid with how she spoke to Leah and that Gary tolerated this. Briana DeJesus spoke out as did Jenelle Evans who just returned to the franchise. Furthermore, Rachel Beaver spoke out and she was not happy:

Rachel Beaver-Reddit
Rachel Beaver-Reddit

She noted how poorly Amber treats Leah and how she makes everything about her. Moreover, she pointed out how hard Leah tries to have a relationship with Amber. Yet, Amber just treats her like garbage and calls her names. This made it to a Reddit thread where the OP wrote this:

  • Rachel Beaver from TM (Y&P) Spits out FACTS regarding Amber’s awful behavior towards Leah

So, did other Teen Mom fans agree with what Rachel had to say?

  • Rachel Beaver as the voice of reason was not something I expected.
  • I’m waiting on the melt down live that amber usually does after being called out
  • Amber can’t argue with any of this 🤷🏻‍♀️

The Shock Of It All

It seemed that, although many Teen Mom fans agreed with Rachel Beaver, they never expected her to be the voice of reason. Ultimately, they had to concur with her full assessment and some wanted her back on the show. More so, one person noted they would rather have Rachel than Mackenzie McKee. Yet, when Jenelle Evans chimed in about Amber’s behavior, fans said she was the last person to talk. However, the general consensus is that the way Amber spoke to Leah was absolutely despicable. Furthermore, there is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

Do you think Rachel’s statement was on point? Finally, would you like to see her return to television? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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