How Did Danny Booko And Nia Sanchez Keep A Strong Marriage?

Danny Booko And Nia Sanchez

Danny Booko and Nia Sanchez have revealed how they kept a strong marriage while others were falling apart. The two star on The Valley and fans were happy to see their marriage going strong. There were a couple of marriages that completely fell apart. However, that was not what happened to them, and fans are dying to know how they did it. Keep reading to find out more.

Marriages Fall Apart

A couple of marriages have fallen apart in the first season of The Valley. Michelle and Jesse Lally ended their marriage on the show. Jesse wanted to keep going strong. However, Michelle was not feeling it and could not be happy in the relationship. This resulted in her filing for divorce. Jesse was making a big deal about signing the papers. Michelle just wanted to be divorced as soon as possible. Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor also had struggles and ended up splitting. Brittany is currently living in an Airbnb with her son Cruz.

The Valley Women
The Valley Women

Danny Booko And Nia Sanchez Stay Strong

Danny Booko and Nia Sanchez have revealed how they stayed strong while having their marriage on TV. They said they have a lot of communication and that is key. 

“Daniel actually really started us off with great communication and that was something that I actually had to learn, and I feel like in some relationships that’s the opposite. But Daniel grew up in a home with wonderful communication, so we kind of established that early on, but we’ve also done therapy over the years, premarital counseling, so we’ve learned more techniques that help us have healthy communication.”

Fans love how open they are about the struggles they have faced and how they got through them. They are a fan favorite couple on the show and one of the least problematic. This makes people love them even more. How do you feel about their relationship on the show?


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It seems that communication is the number one thing the two do to keep a healthy relationship. They are not ashamed to say that they have been to therapy and fans look up to them for that. The two of them seem to be happier than ever. However, both have been struggling since they had their twins. Regardless, they are communicating and doing their best. What do you think about their techniques to stay married? Sound off in the comments below.

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