Faith Martin Talks Tragic Loss Of Ex-Husband To Addiction

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Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin finished in third place on Gerry Turner’s season of the show. She was one of the youngest women looking for love again on television. Now, as more time has passed since the show ended, fans still love Faith and enjoy hearing about her life. The musician is opening up and sharing a deeper look into losing her ex-husband to addiction. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Faith Martin Opens Up About Losing Ex-Husband

Golden Bachelor alum Faith Martin is opening up about losing her ex-husband to addiction. She appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast and spoke with Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles about her experience.

Faith’s ex-husband Brett Martin sadly passed away just one year before she went to film The Golden Bachelor. She spoke about why their 21-year marriage ended and how she ended up giving him everything and walking away. She couldn’t do it anymore.

Faith said, “My 21-year marriage to the love of my life was complex. It was not always good. I loved him with my whole heart and soul and I think he did me as well, but he was plagued with some addictions that made it really difficult for him to be his best self. His authentic self was the most amazing, generous, loving, incredible man ever.”

However, sometimes people can take a wrong turn and her husband did that. Faith continued by saying that addiction is huge and together they went through some really hard times. However, once they were divorced they ended up being close friends and did great as grandparents together.

Sadly, he tragically passed away at the age of 61. Faith was the one who found him.

Faith Martin/Credit: ABC YouTube
Faith Martin/Credit: ABC YouTube

His Death Really Affected Her Life

Faith Martin went on to reveal that how he died from his addiction struggle was tragic. Finding him was very hard on her. Once he was gone she finally let herself not only give his death but also grieve the loss of their marriage. She said, “The way that he died was tragic and I had no idea the impact that his death would have on my life. When I was on the show, it was the year anniversary of his passing and I knew my kids were really suffering. I had no idea that I would then begin to start grieving the marriage. I don’t think I ever really grieved the marriage after our divorce. It was such a painful thing to do, I just jumped 100% into music. I was playing music three to four days a week.”

Faith also shared that losing him was huge for everyone in their family. She began to grieve everything they went through together. She grieved for her marriage and also for the huge loss her children and grandchildren were feeling. Faith also said, “Then the PTSD of finding him was huge. I think I am in a better place now, but during that time on the show, I thought I was going to lose it.”

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Faith Martin/Credit: Faith Martin Instagram

The family continues to grieve the loss of Brett Martin.

What do you think about Faith opening up more about losing Brett to addiction? Do you think she is ready to find love again now?

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