Favorite ’90 Day Fiance’ Alum Gets USA Citizenship

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Some 90 Day Fiance stars like Anfisa Nava and Julia Trubkina have gotten their USA citizenship in the past. However, neither of them was a favorite of TLC fans. Now that an alum from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days got it, many fans feel very happy about it. Read on to find out why everyone loved the couple and see a video.

90 Day Fiance Success Stories Are Scarce

There are so many spinoffs on the TLC franchise these days, that it seems as if it doesn’t pay couples to be successful. If they marry and fight, like Angela Deem and Michael, they get to go on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Or, if they split, there’s always The Single Life. In fact, some 90 Day Fiance stars make a career off the network.

90 day fiance Annie and david Toborowsky
Successful 90 Day Fiance Couple Annie and David Toborowsky – Instagram

90 Day Fiance couples that work out seem scarce and it’s not often that people like Annie and David Toborowsky make a go of things. Back in Season 3 of 90 Days Fiance: Before The 90 Days, when Darcey Silva returned with Tom Brooks, a new and unlikely couple debuted on TLC. In time, they were to become fan favorites.

USA Citizenship For Omar Albakour

Avery Mills, a 19-year-old from Columbus, Ohio who was a state gymnast became a Muslim and found Omar Albakour on a dating App. He listed himself as a resident of America, and he did have family there. However, he lived in Syria. TLC fans thought it would never work out because of the travel ban and the war. However, they married and these days they spend time between the Middle East and the USA.

Omar Albakour & Avery Mills From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From 90 Day Fiancé YouTube
Omar Albakour & Avery Mills From 90 Day Fiance, TLC – YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans kept up with Avery Mills and Omar Albakour via their blog. He completed his dentistry studies, and now he got his citizenship in the USA. The news arrived via TikTok, and you can see the video further down in this article. On Reddit, when an OP shared the news, they said:

Omar is a US citizen!

90 Day Fiance alum Omar is an American Citizen - TikTok via Reddit
90 Day Fiance alum Omar is an American Citizen – TikTok via Reddit

TLC fans never saw Avery and Omar on the show again because they opted not to film. In the comments, fans wished they would return to the franchise. And, it seems they are still favorites. Here are some of those opinions:

  • …an actual real couple that has seemed to help each other get ahead with real jobs as opposed to the toxic messes we have been seeing season after season now.
  • What’s funny is I gave up on the show expressly because it’s pivoted away from couples like this…
  • Congratulations to him! May him and Avery have a wonderful and happy life together, and I hope his dentistry work goes well.
  • I adore these two. They truly love and respect one another and it’s so refreshing after seeing what the show has turned into. I hope Omar and Avery have a beautiful life together.

Say congrats to this usa citizen, my wonderful husband Omar! America is lucky to have you ❤️🇺🇸 #american #muslim #syrian #90fayfiance #married #citizen #usacitizen #america

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What are your thoughts about Avery Mills’ husband, Omar Albakour finally getting his citizenship in the USA? Were they your favorite couple? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news.

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