‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Ripped Apart For Defending David?

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Is Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans being ripped apart for defending her estranged husband, David Eason? She has yet to make her first appearance on The Next Chapter but already she is causing waves. The mother of three decided to share her thoughts on something that happened in the Thursday, June 6th episode. Unfortunately for her, it was not received well. Keep reading to see what happened.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Ripped Apart For Defending David?

One of the core reasons Jenelle Evans lost her Teen Mom gig was because of David Eason. He had shot and killed her dog, Nugget leading Jenelle to leave the marriage for a short period of time. Soon enough, they had been let go from the series and the network. Yet, when she officially left him in February 2024, fans felt there were ulterior motives. First off, she really wanted custody of her son, Jace, back and David had allegedly assaulted him. Then, it looked like she wanted to come back to Teen Mom.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Instagram

Just a few months later, she was seen filming with Briana DeJesus and the announcement was made. In the latest episode, Amber Portwood was called out for calling her daughter, Leah a “d*ck.” Even Briana tweeted her feelings:

Briana DeJesus-@tm_chatter Instagram
Briana DeJesus-@tm_chatter Instagram

After that, Jenelle chimed in by saying: “Girrrrrl I just watched.” Immediately, fans and followers could not believe that she would have the audacity to say anything after what David said to her children. They started to remind her on Twitter/X what had been said but she seemed to be in full defense mode.

Jenelle Evans-Twitter
Jenelle Evans-Twitter

Essentially, because David Eason called Jenelle Evans’ kids these names, it was somehow better than if she had. That looks like what she is saying but fans were not happy with her criticizing Amber when she has been just as bad:

Damage Is Done

Prior to Jenelle Evans ever saying anything, some Teen Mom fans had said that she and Amber Portwood were one and the same. Then, someone said that Jenelle was actually better than Amber. Now, it appears that Jenelle is defending all of the hurt that has happened to her children by saying David Eason is solely responsible. She is not taking an ounce of accountability and that is what has triggered fans to lash out. In the end, it is all about the children and their well-being. Hopefully, she can show she has grown some when she finally shows up on screen.

How do you think Jenelle will be received since she is already starting drama with co-stars? Should she have stayed out of this or was she right to get involved? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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