‘Teen Mom’ Briana DeJesus Talks ‘Hardest Season’ & Life Update

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Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus is opening up about the “hardest season” and is also sharing a life update. She has struggled to be a single mother but also has wanted to protect her two daughters. So, what can fans expect from Briana this year and how has she evolved? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Talks ‘Hardest Season’ & Life Update

Briana DeJesus has been known to cause drama and trouble. She is actually the first, and maybe only Teen Mom cast member to film with Jenelle Evans. Briana had a party a few years back when she was in the thick of it with Kailyn Lowry. She had Jenelle make a brief appearance and then the disgraced MTV star separated from David Eason. It was rumored she would likely come back to the show now that she no longer had him in her life. Soon enough, Jenelle and Briana were seen out filming together.

Briana DeJesus talking on 'Teen Mom' reunion by herself - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom
Briana DeJesus-YouTube

MTV soon announced that Jenelle would be returning giving Briana another ally. Briana has no qualms with speaking her mind which can be a good and bad thing. Currently, she is raising her two daughters, Nova, 12, and Stella, almost 7. However, she does struggle even though she can act tough. According to People, the thirty-year-old opened up about how hard this season of The Next Chapter truly was. She noted that this one was “by far, the hardest season yet for me.”

“Viewers will get to see the raw, uncensored side of our family. You will see us try to navigate new levels of hardship.”

This season, Briana DeJesus feels like she is truly alone as a parent. Her ex and Nova’s father, Devoin Austin II, is moving out of state. At the same time, she is on the rocks with her mother, Roxanne as seen in the trailer. It seems that Roxanne has some secrets she needs to divulge to her daughters and they may not receive it well. As for her two baby daddies, Briana is doing the best that she can with Devoin but Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez is “MIA.”

Raising Little Ladies

Regardless of what’s going on with Roxanne, Luis, and Devoin, Briana DeJesus remains committed to raising two little ladies. More so, the Teen Mom star sees that they are becoming more assertive and verbal. She wants to keep that at the forefront and never dim their bright bulbs:

“As the girls get older, they start to voice their own opinions and feelings about things. I always make sure they feel heard and seen.”

Briana went on to add that:

“They shine so bright! Nova loves to draw, sing, and play volleyball. Stella loves to get into my makeup bag and spends hours sniffing the perfect perfume to buy.”

Nova and Stella will not have time to sit still this summer as Briana has made sure to make it jam-packed and super fun. She shared they are theme park bound and headed to markets so there is a lot to look forward to. Plus, the ladies will be embarking on a cruise. Despite all of the challenges, Briana appears to be making the most of what she has and the girls are living their best lives.

What do you think of Briana’s parenting job? Do you feel she has evolved since the show began? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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