‘Welcome To Plathville’ Moriah Plath Reveals New Boyfriend

Welcome to Plathville star, Moriah Plath dated Max Kallschmidt but in late 2021, she said that she suffered from a lot of pain. At the time, it sparked rumors that they split. Well, the TLC star finally seems to have moved on and found a new boyfriend.

Moriah Plath Was Broken After Max Cheated

TLC fans first met Moriah when she was still at home in season 1. A rebel, she soon left the family farm to explore the world. After meeting Max, she changed and started wearing skimpy clothing and partying hard. Actually, her life changed radically compared to the strict conservative values at home. However, Max confessed he had feelings for someone else, and they split.

Moriah Plath and Max via YouTube
Moriah Plath and Max Max Kallschmidt РWelcome To Plathville  TLC РYouTube

Earlier this year, Welcome To Plathville fans suspected Moriah Plath might have a new boyfriend. That came after she released some lyrics to one of her songs. However, she didn’t confirm a guy in her life. In fact, she went through a very dark time in her life and seemed perpetually disturbed and unhappy. But this week, she revealed that she probably does have a boyfriend.

Welcome To Plathville Star Has New Boyfriend

On Instagram this week, the TLC star shared a post that showed her playing top golf. The Welcome To Plathville singer also shared a video. In it, she didn’t show a boyfriend, but she hinted very strongly that she has got one. In her caption, she said:

Good thing my boyfriend didn’t take me to top golf…this is so embarrassing. PS…it’s my first time.

Moriah Plath On A Date With Her Boyfriend- Instagram
Moriah Plath On A Date With Her Boyfriend – Instagram

Moriah Plath also posted a reel and in it, her caption said, “I surprised myself today with how good I am at top golf.”

TLC fans commented briefly before the post disappeared. However, many of them likely hope it signifies an end to the long days of grieving that she went through. Max moved on and didn’t look back. While it might seem difficult for Moriah to accept, she’s still young. Naturally, fans hope that she finds someone who will cherish her and not become jealous.

Max admitted that he couldn’t take it when she looked sexy and flirted. And, he started asking that she dress more conservatively.¬† Actually, he took some heat for that as TLC fans think he was too controlling.

What do you think of Moriah Plath revealing that she probably has a boyfriend, but not showing any photos of him? Did you enjoy seeing her having fun playing top golf?  Would you like to see her new boyfriend on a new season of the TLC show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Welcome To Plathville news.

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