‘MAFS’ Miguel Santiago Admits To Faking Storyline?

Married at First Sight: Miguel Santiago

Married at First Sight cast member Miguel Santiago recently came clean with some shocking details about his storyline with Lindy Elloway, including faking their scenes to control the narrative. So, what did he have to say?

Married At First Sight: Miguel Santiago Had Dumpster Fire Storyline With Lindy Elloway

Despite being matched by the experts in Married at First Sight Season 15, it was obvious to most watchers that Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway were not a good match. Their chemistry in scenes was off, including their communication styles and the type of validation they wanted from their partner.

Many Married at First Sight fans even accused Miguel Santiago of gaslighting Lindy Elloway in scenes. Viewers have said, over the last few seasons specifically, how the MAFS matches don’t seem as authentic now. Based on what Miguel recently had to say, it looks like there was a big reason for that.

Still of Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.
Miguel Santiago, Lindy Elloway – Credit: Lifetime/YouTube

MAFS: Miguel Breaks Silence About Faking It For The Cameras?

According to recent tea from Miguel Santiago, he said that he and Lindy Elloway were unhappy with how their storyline was being portrayed. So, they made the decision to tweak their behavior onscreen. This is something that Married at First Sight fans have called out for some time, so it’s interesting to hear someone like Miguel confirm it.

Miguel Santiago also said that things were rocky between him and Lindy Elloway behind the scenes. Of course, if they were already intentionally tweaking their behavior in order to put forth a certain narrative, it’s no wonder that it all fell apart in the end.

lindy and Miguel mafs via YouTube

Married At First Sight: Miguel Breaks Silence, What Did He Say?

With Married at First Sight Season 15 and other older seasons of the show arriving on streaming platforms, this gives new viewers a chance to catch up on older seasons, which also brings a renewed interest in the cast members from those seasons.

Speaking about his time with Lindy Elloway filming Married at First Sight scenes, Miguel Santiago said: “What you guys don’t see is that behind the scenes, I don’t wanna say we tried to control the narrative.” In his own words, Miguel said it was more like: “Let’s try to give them the love story that they want so they can show us in a better light.”

MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube
MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube

As Married at First Sight fans saw, an attempt by them to shift the narrative clearly did not work. However, it’s interesting to have someone like Miguel come forward and openly admit that there was some doctoring going on in terms of strategizing and making a conscious effort to try and spin the storyline a certain way.

Of course, with couples more concerned about how they will appear in scenes, it’s no wonder the marriage success rate continues to plummet season after season.

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