Kris Jenner Details Time She Abandoned Kylie & Kendall

Kris Jenner-YouTube

Kris Jenner is detailing the time that she abandoned her youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She recently shared this story in the June 6th episode of The Kardashians. So, what happened that she left her little ones behind? Keep reading for more details.

Kris Jenner Details Time She Abandoned Kylie & Kendall

In this season of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner is just exposing all of her truths and does not seem to care what people think. She revealed that she let Khloe Kardashian drive the kids to school when she was just fourteen. At the time, Kris claimed that Khloe had a government-issued license which she did not. Khloe did not know any better but they joked at how much trouble they would have gotten into now had they been found out. Admittedly, Kris has always tried to be in a million places at once with six children. Furthermore, while Kylie and Kendall were children, Kris’ older kids were beginning their catapult to fame.

Kris Jenner-YouTube
Kris Jenner-YouTube

Especially Kim Kardashian who had her infamous s*x tape with Ray J and then Keeping Up With the Kardashians became a phenomenon. Now, the master momager is opening up about the time she accidentally abandoned Kylie and Kendall when she and Caitlyn Jenner were out shopping. According to People, it all started when Kim Kardashian was heading out for her birthday dinner. She noted she hates it when she forgets to say goodbye to her kids. Kris then dropped the bomb about how she forgot her youngest at a tree farm.

She and her now-ex, Caitlyn Jenner were Christmas tree shopping, and the girls were running around. In her confessional, Kris Jenner shared more about the story:

“We went to go buy a Christmas tree, I think Kendall and Kylie were like 4 and 5 and they were running up and down and I thought their dad was watching the kids. And he thought I was watching the kids because we met there. I thought he was taking the kids back and he thought I was taking the kids back.”

Both parents left on their own only to realize that they had left Kylie and Kendall Jenner behind. They were fine, gallivanting around and having a great time but clearly waiting for their parents to see they had forgotten them. This could explain why Khloe has only let her nanny put her two children to bed once and is very regimented.

Kris Wants To Be Involved

While on the way to get Kim Kardashian for her birthday, Kris Jenner brought up the idea of learning Khloe Kardashian’s kids’ bedtime routine. They do their prayers and such and Kris appears to want to fill in if Khloe wants to have a life. However, this is not something Khloe is that open to just yet. She likes to be in charge and with the stories that are slipping out of Kris’ mouth, maybe it makes sense.

What do you think of Kris admitting she left Kendall and Kylie at the tree farm? Is this something she should keep in the vault or is she trying to be relatable? Let us know and watch The Kardashians Thursdays on Hulu.

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  1. obviously she thinks it’s funny I don’t, she was very neglectful if you ask me not knowing where they were Some idiot could have taken them.Makes you wonder what kind of grandparent she is or just leaves it up to someone else THE children’s parents seen very focused on their kids and that’s great and very caring

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