‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Gives Stern Warning Before Lewd Confession

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud may be a family show, but, with the raunchy nature of certain NSFW survey questions, sometimes Steve Harvey has to step in and remind participants to think before they speak, especially on national television. So, why did Harvey have to step in recently?

Family Feud: Some Contestants Are Willing To Reveal Too Much

As veteran Family Feud watchers know, many of the survey questions on the show can get up close and personal. It would be one thing if you were having a family game night at home, but, in this case, you are doing it in front of a studio audience with the world watching.

While an accidental family secret or a hidden desire may make for a good laugh on Family Feud, contestants will have to face their families, as well as the general public, once their particular episode airs. So, sometimes it can be better to play it safe by not accidentally revealing too much.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Family Feud

Steve Harvey Warns Contestant To Think About His Answer

During a recent episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey asked the Kleid family: “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about.”

Leading questions like these are certainly designed to produce some risqué responses. Even so, there should definitely be some caution in the approach. In fact, Steve Harvey cautioned one family member strongly before he gave his answer to the question.

When Steve Harvey got to Connor Kleid, the 67-year-old host offered up a stern warning, reminding him to think hard before he answered the question. Harvey said: “Your girlfriend’s watching.”

Despite the warning from Steve Harvey, Connor Kleid pressed on, answering: “My girlfriend’s friend.” As it turned out, that answer was not on the board.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey - Connor Kleid
Family Feud: Steve Harvey – Connor Kleid/YouTube

Family Feud: Connor Kleid Delivered More Than One Viral Moment

This Family Feud moment wasn’t the only noteworthy moment from Connor Kleid. During the money round of the same episode, Steve Harvey asked: “We asked 100 married men, on a scale of one to ten, when your wife is not around, how much do you miss her?”

Connor Kleid answered: “One.”

Steve Harvey then turned to Connor and asked: “You’re not married, are you?”

Connor replied with: “Not yet.”

Unfortunately for Connor Kleid and the rest of the Kleid family, even though they made it to the money round, they were not able to win the cash prize. They missed out on the cash prize by only four points.

Connor’s answer of “one” got a low score. If he had said a different answer, he and his family could have easily found themselves in the money. So, there were clearly several responses from him during this episode that he will likely regret.

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