‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Call Howie Mandel ‘New Simon Cowell’

Howie Mandel | YouTube

Howie Mandel turned the fans against him on the most recent episode of America’s Got Talent. This happened when he gave his thoughts on a singing group in the competition, and the audience and fellow judges didn’t appreciate what he had to say. Fanbs online even said he was becoming the “new Simon Cowell.”

Here is a look at the performance and what Howie said that angered the fans.

Howie Mandel Shuts Down Recent Singers On AGT

The band in question is Ashes & Arrows, a three-man group that includes Ciaran McMeeken, Benjamin Voigt, and Jonathan Calhoun. They released their debut EP in 2022 and gained exposure on TikTok and Facebook, and they are now on America’s Got Talent.

Howie Mandel - YouTube
Howie Mandel – YouTube

The group chose to sing an original song called “Born to Love.” By the time the song really got going, the crowd was going nuts. By the song’s end, the audience gave them a standing ovation, as did Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara. Simon Cowell spoke up first, asking if this meant a lot to them, and they agreed.

He then sent it to Howie Mandel, and that is when things got a little heated. Howie said that they had great voices and harmony, and the audience loved them. However, he then said, “But personally,” which caused the audience to start booing him loudly (along with Sofia).

Howie then said that personally, he felt the song was a “pub song,” and if he heard it in a pub, it would be “the best night ever.” However, when Sofia clapped back at him, he emphasized that he thought they wanted “greatness” on America’s Got Talent. He doesn’t think the band is “great.”

He was alone in this, as Ashes & Arrows got yes votes from Sofia, Heidi, and Simon, although Howie stuck with his no vote. The band will move on in the competition.

Fans Call Howie Mandel The “New Simon Cowell”

Fans were not happy with Howie Mandel. On top of the audience in attendance booing him loudly, fans on social media were also ready to jump on the America’s Got Talent judge.

Here is a sampling of what some fans had to say about Howie Mandel:

  • “Howie is usually off when it comes to music groups. They are brilliant.”
  • “Howie is out of his mind. He’s given better, more positive feedback to contestants who come on stage to fart”
  • “Howie Mandel is the ‘new Simon’ in terms of true constructive criticism that may be brutally honest”
  • “Thought that was really foolish and irresponsible judging from Howie.”

The one comment about Simon Cowell is not negative toward Howie Mandel. These days, Simon often praises everyone and has little negative things to say. However, when he started on American Idol, he was often overly critical, but his criticism had merit. Howie didn’t tell the band they were bad. He just said they were “pub worthy” and not big stage worthy.

What are your thoughts on Howie Mandel’s criticism on America’s Got Talent? Do you think he was right or wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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