‘90 Day Fiance’ Mike Berk Marries In Wedding Shocker

90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk

In a 90 Day Fiance shocker that most would not have expected, wedding pics have been making the rounds of Mike Berk and his new lady. From the looks of it, they made it official and tied the knot. What do we know so far?

90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk Had One Of The Craziest Storylines With Ximena Morales

The 90 Day Fiance franchise is known for producing some truly iconic, disastrous storylines. Mike Berk and Ximena Morales were a prime example of this when the duo filmed TLC scenes. There was so much wrong right from the start, such that no one was surprised when these two didn’t work out for the long haul.

Ximena Morales blasted Mike Berk for things like his lack of hygiene and etiquette. As for Mike Berk, he called Ximena out for using him as a wallet. With all of the back and forth that these two had while filming for TLC, there was no shortage of drama.

Ximena Morales, Mike Berk-Instagram
Ximena Morales, Mike Berk-Instagram

TLC Celeb Soon Teased A New Woman Online

After having such an explosive 90 Day Fiance storyline with Ximena Morales in TLC scenes, many viewers were curious about what Mike Berk would do next, including who he would find. It didn’t take him long at all to hook a new woman. However, for a long time, he hid her face whenever he would share an update with her online.

Mike Berk likely learned his lesson following all the public scrutiny he had to endure during his time with Ximena. For a long time, he stuck with it and didn’t reveal what his new woman looked like. The one thing that was obvious was that the pair seemed to be getting serious, especially as the months progressed.

Mike Berk made a considerable effort to maintain privacy as much as possible. However, it’s clear he certainly has a type when it comes to Latin women.

90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk
90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Mike Berk Ties The Knot In Unexpected Wedding Shocker

Based on the latest pics circulating online, it looks like Mike Berk made it official with his new lady. What’s interesting about this is that he hasn’t shared any pics or anything about the ceremony on his Instagram. So, it was clearly intentional for him and his new bride to keep things as low-key as possible.

As 90 Day Fiance fans have seen recently, cast members like Kalani Faagata hid her pregnancy, only for her to update fans once her daughter arrived. In Mike Berk’s case, he hasn’t said anything publicly about his wedding on Instagram, and yet, there are pics making the rounds of him making it official.

  • One 90 Day Fiance fan said: “Well it’s official. Apparently Mike IS the last man on earth!”
  • Another surprised commenter said: “I automatically EWWD out loud as soon as I saw this post. Woke up my poor cat.”

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