Whitney Way Thore Shares Injury Preventing Her From Series

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, sourced from YouTube

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore loves filming new content and interacting with fans. But lately, she’s been feeling a bit under the weather. As a result, she’s pressed “pause” on some of her regularly scheduled content, leaving fans wanting more.

In a recent update, the TLC star addressed the issue and promised to resume production once an injury cleared up. So what exactly happened to Whitney?

Whitney Way Thore Addresses Fans’ Burning Questions

When My Big Fat Fabulous Life is on the off-season, fans enjoy going to Whitney Way Thore’s social media channels for fresh content. Lately, she’s been looking for love in a series she calls, “Let’s Meet A Man.”

But there haven’t been any new episodes in a bit.

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, sourced from Instagram
Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Whitney recently uploaded an Instagram video where she addressed an important fan question regarding the series.

“Why did you stop doing let’s meet a man?” the question read. “That series was fun! Enjoy the content.”

“A lot of y’all ask me this. I haven’t abandoned my ‘Let’s go meet a man’ series. I did mess up my SI joint in my back, hip, area. It’s definitely some sort of injury that I’ve never had before and it sucks,” the 40-year-old reality star shared. “And I haven’t been able to leave the house except to go to the chiropractor and I haven’t even done that this week. I just left the house for the first time to just run an errand and I’m in so much pain so I’ve got to go back to the chiropractor and maybe after that I’ll meet a man.”

Whitney added that she does occasionally meet men at the chiropractor. Unfortunately, they’re all the same age as her father, Glenn. 

Check out the full video here:

Instagram Users React To The TLC Star’s Health Update

Many Instagram users left well wishes for Whitney in the comments. Some offered her advice, while others warned her not to take medical advice from strangers on the internet.

Comments included:

  • I’m having the same issue. Have you done any injections?”
  • I’ve lived with this for a while. Swimming is a miracle cure!! Especially treading water, it just stretches out the pain. Feel better!”
  • Noooooo, no chiropractor! I have had multiple spine and SI surgeries and all the orthopedic and neurosurgeons were very clear about NEVER using Chiropractors. Physio, acupuncture, deep tissue massage but no Chiropractors. Good luck, I feel your pain.”
  • Stretching helped- specifically Pigeon pose.”

What do you think about Whitney Way Thore’s decision to pause her Instagram series? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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