‘Welcome To Plathville’ Lydia Plath Shares Big Life Update

Lydia Plath - Welcome To Plathville - Instagram

Although Welcome To Plathville fans have to wait for the new season to release, some of the Plath family is gracious enough to give updates occasionally during the off-season. Lately, Lydia Plath will drop encouraging words or a few photos on Instagram here and there to let fans know how she is doing. But now, she is offering a big life update.

Lydia Plath Is Learning Her Preferences In Life

Since Welcome To Plathville debuted, Lydia Plath has always been a kind-hearted sister to her siblings. During the first five seasons, she lived in the Plath house and often did the lion’s share of caring for the “little girls.” The show also portrays her as a huge help in cooking and cleaning around the home. While she has strong roots in her faith, as she has gotten older she started to spread her wings more by showing interest in activities outside the home as well as in boys. But Kim Plath was quick to control the interactions. At the end of Season 5, Lydia teases there is a potential love interest in her life. Undeniably, now that she is an adult, she is in a different stage of her life and can make her decisions without her parents’ say. As she is embracing adulthood, Lydia makes a big life announcement.

Welcome to Plathville - Isaac, Lydia, Kim, Amber, and Mercy Plath - Instagram
Welcome to Plathville – Isaac, Lydia, Kim, Amber, and Mercy Plath – Instagram

Lydia Plath Shares Big Life Update

While Welcome To Plathville star, Lydia Plath, has ventured out occasionally, she is often viewed as more of a homebody. Since she is so loving and nurturing to her family, it was surprising when she left for several months to travel on a mission trip. However, her faith is strong and she loves singing so it was completely in her wheelhouse to tour with The Jesus Journey. But Lydia also was grateful to return home. Not long ago, Lydia discussed being back at home with Barry Plath and “the little girls.” But now she is ready to get out again! On her Instagram Stories, Lydia says, Good morning everyone.” Then, she says, “I have my coffee and big news.” Furthermore, she tells fans, “I’m gonna be packing today, but not packing for another trip…” Excitedly, she announces, “I am moving next week to Tallahassee.”

She took some time to travel with The Jesus Journey missions group. - Instagram
Lydia Plath took some time to travel with The Jesus Journey missions group. – Instagram

Lydia Plath Prepares To Take Her Big Steps

Although Lydia Plath doesn’t give away all the details of her new life journey, she is proud to be taking on new “adulting” responsibilities. In many ways, it is surprising to hear Lydia is moving away. She says, “Just trying to process it.” Then, she reflects on her experience outside of Plathville. “I’ve done a ton of traveling, so I’ve been away from the home a lot, but this is the first time I’ve actually moved out.” Unlike many of her older siblings, Lydia chose to use Barry Plath’s residence as her “home base” of sorts while branching out. Preparing for her new adventure, she says, “Got my own groceries, paid my own rent,” jokingly saying, “all that fun stuff.” She is planning to start her move to Florida next week.

Lydia Plath gives a big life update. - Instagram
Lydia Plath gives a big life update. – Instagram

Leaving Home

Undeniably, it will be an adjustment for Barry and Kim Plath. However, most likely Lydia Plath’s mission trip was a good trial run for the family. During her time away, they had to find other ways to exist without relying on Lydia. Olivia, Ethan, Moriah, and Kim Plath have all spent some time living in Florida. Perhaps Lydia is moving closer to some family or her church. During the last season of Welcome To Plathville, Lydia was enjoying her Tallahassee church group and friends. While this is a big life change for Lydia, she is still close to her family. Notably, Cairo, GA, to Tallahassee, FL, is approximately a forty-five-minute drive from one another. Maybe the move is to be closer to her love interest that was teased in Season 5? Time will tell, but congrats to Lydia for taking her new leap!

What do you think about Lydia Plath moving out on her own? Do you think she is getting closer to her guy? Are you ready to see more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.

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