‘Vanderpump Rules’ Billie Lee Reveals Shocking Sandoval Truth

Billie Lee-Instagram

Vanderpump Rules alum Billie Lee is revealing her shocking truth about Tom Sandoval and what led to the breakdown of their friendship. She had been there for him when no one else was. Especially after he cheated on Ariana Madix and no one wanted to be around him. Now, the two are no longer speaking and she is telling her side of the story. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Billie Lee Reveals Shocking Sandoval Truth

Billie Lee started on Vanderpump Rules in Season 6 as a hostess and got along well with everyone. Yet, by Season 7, she had ruffled a lot of feathers and the cast was not too fond of her. However, she managed to keep a friendship with both Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. There was even a rumor that Sandoval had cheated on Ariana with Billie. That resurfaced after Sandoval cheated for several months on Ariana with her best friend and co-star, Rachel Leviss. More so, Billie was right by Sandoval’s side as his sole support system.

Billie Lee, Tom Sandoval-Instagram
Billie Lee, Tom Sandoval-Instagram

Unfortunately, the two have since fallen out and fans were wondering why. Billie took to her podcast and explained what had happened. She noted that she was going to stay silent on it until Sandoval’s girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson wrote that Billie had no boundaries. Billie added she gave up so much for the friendship and would do it again. Prior to him meeting Victoria, he was sober. Then, the two of them would party all night and sleep all day. More so, she claimed that Victoria thought Sandoval wanted to sleep with Billie.

@thescenes101 In a recent episode of her podcast “Billie and the Kid,” Billie Lee shared some alarming details about Tom Sandoval’s relationship with Victoria Lee Robinson. Billie recounted various unsettling incidents and behaviors she has observed, offering a deeper look into the issues plaguing their relationship. Her revelations have sparked significant concern and discussion among fans and those close to the couple, shedding light on a side of their dynamic that had remained hidden until now. #BillieLee #TomSandoval #victorialeerobinson #BillieAndTheKid #VanderpumpRules #RealityTV #RelationshipDrama #PodcastRevelations #TrendingNow #CelebrityNews #bravotv #scandoval #sandovalsaliar #billieleepodcast #fyp #pyf #xy ♬ original sound – The Scenes 101

It just became too toxic for Billie Lee and she had to be done with it. Soon enough, a Reddit thread was started and fans weighed in on how they felt about the demise of the relationship:

  • Victoria of course posted it saying she is going to tell the truth because these are lies. I’ve never liked Billie but I believe her.
  • I love when crappy people turn on each other 😂
  • Everyone can see how he was using Billie Lee after he got caught cheating.
  • Woahhhhh the tea is hot today! WOW love this tbh.

Future Storyline?

Some Vanderpump Rules fans wondered if the drama between Billie Lee and Victoria Lee Robinson was manufactured for a storyline. If the show does return for Season 12, they are trying to move on with a good arc but do people really care? However, if they do not, Billie is making sure she still stays relevant. She shared that she will continue to spill the tea at her upcoming comedy shows. Therefore, if fans want to know more about Tom Sandoval and what he likes to do for fun, they can go and see Billie.


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What do you think of what Billie had to say? Do you believe her or do you think she is just trying to get attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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