‘Sister Wives’ Fans Say It’s Too Late For Meri Brown, Why?

Meri Brown from Instagram

Meri Brown might be officially done with her marriage to Kody Brown, but some Sister Wives fans think it’s way too late to save her image. After 18 long seasons on TLC, most Sister Wives fans have already made up their minds about certain cast members. 

Is it too late for Meri to win back fans and save her image? See what others had to say online.

Meri Brown’s Media Presence Irks Fans

Sister Wives fans who follow Meri Brown online know she’s the queen of vague-posting. When the TLC star is having strong feelings, she often makes cryptic posts about it to keep her followers guessing.

While there are some incredibly loyal Meri fans, many have grown tired of it all.

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

In fact, at least one fan thinks the Sister Wives star needs to hire a top-notch PR team.

“Does Meri have a PR team?” a Redditor asked on the platform this week. “If so, fire them. I mean Meri, you are so bad at playing the reality tv show. Her story and experiences, fans would have been cheering and supporting her like they do with Christine. But the way she handles her responses and storylines. It’s just too late.”

Many other reality TV stars do have someone to manage their online image. But after everyone Meri Brown has shared over the past few years, it doesn’t seem likely that she outsources it. Meri’s social media pages seem to be uniquely Meri.

Other Reddit Users Offer Their Opinions

Overall, other Sister Wives fans readily agreed with the OP. Kody Brown wronged Meri just as much as he did the other wives. However, many still aren’t very fond of her. They feel sympathy for Meri now and then, but her social media presence is very off-putting.


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Other Reddit users wrote:

  • I agree. I am not Meri’s biggest fan, I just don’t like her personality, or at least how she’s been portrayed by producers. However, lately I’m intrigued by her responses, humor, and calling out Robyn.”
  • She’d be much more likable if she got real and could overcome the Keep Sweet cult programming and be direct. She’s very tiresome with her cryptic messaging and word salad. After everything Kody and Robyn have done she’d have more fans if she went scorched earth on them….😆”
  • I don’t think Meri wanted a lot of her storylines out there….”
  • I don’t really know if it’s a PR team problem. She has a history of hiding ‘uncomfortable truths.’ I want to hear what she has to share on the podcast Miss Understood (which should be released on Monday)… Hopefully, she actually shares her full story.”

Do you agree with what other Sister Wives fans have to say? Do you find Meri Brown’s online presence obnoxious? Or do you understand where she’s coming from? Leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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    1. I will no longer watch the show. Meri was not my favorite, but I think Kody and Robyn played a huge part in her Catfish situation and the whole world was provided every detail. That alone would cause anyone to protect themselves from scrutiny especially on social media. Also, the fact she only had one child caused her to always be an outsider very early in their marriage. I hope all three of his ex/estranged wives find peace and happiness in their lives and continue to move forward.

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