’90 Day Fiance’ Jasmine Pineda Flirts On Socials With Boyfriend

Jasmine Pineda

90 Day Fiance star, Jasmine Pineda, has been flirting with her alleged new boyfriend on social media. Fans can assume that Gino and Jasmine are no longer together. This is due to their social media posts and lack of with each other. However, Jasmine seems to have a new man and fans think they have figured out who it is. Especially since they are flirting on social media. Keep reading to find out more.

Jasmine Pineda And Gino Palazzolo Split

Fans can guess that Jasmine and Gino have split. The two have not been posting each other on social media. In fact, they have been making digs at each other. Jasmine has mocked Gino for having to use Viagra and more. However, there is a new rumor. Supposedly, Jasmine met her new boyfriend at the gym. Gino then found Jasmine cheating on him and kicked her out of his home. She is said to be living with her new boyfriend as he lives in Michigan as well. Fans would not be shocked if this turns out to be true.

Jasmine Pineda

Flirting With Her New Boyfriend

Jasmine Pineda was flaunting her new Fashion Nova outfit. She was posing in an all-jean outfit. Her supposed boyfriend, Matt Branis, commented on the post.

“Lookin clean in all jean🔥🥵♥️🫠 yommy!”

Jasmine replied:

“@mattbranis 🤭#blushed.”

It is said that Matt is an actor and has been for years. He is also going to college. Fans think he is better looking than Gino. If she is living with him, this would make sense how she could afford to stay in the United States. As she has pointed out that since she does not have her work permit, she cannot access the funds to her Only Fans. However, she is still promoting her account and trying to get new subscribers. So, when she does gain access to the money, she will have a lot saved up. Maybe she could send some of that back to her children who are still living in Panama.

Jasmine Pineda-Instagram
Jasmine Pineda-Instagram

It seems that Jasmine has moved on and is not looking back. Fans are surprised that Jasmine did not go back to Panama once she and Gino split. However, maybe it is because she found herself a new man. There are rumors that Jasmine cheated on Gino with Matt. If that is true, it is said that Gino kicked her out. What do you think about Jasmine and her new alleged relationship? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. don’t give her the green card. let jasmine suffer. she never was nice to gino . deport jasmine back maybe she can think hard after all bs she put gino thru. gino should not give jasmine not a dollar kick jasmine off just like few others I. see in others shows too.

  2. She is a classic opportunist. How did she support herself in Panama? Gino paid her rent there but that didn’t seem to bother her. If she can walk home without shoes, she walk to the gym with shoes on.

  3. Gino was smart for once not applying for Visa for her kids. Jasmine is a bottom feeder, everything is about her. She doesn’t bring anything to the relationship. All that money spent on fake boobs, ass and huge wedding, if she really wanted her kids with her, that’s were the money should have been spent. Jasmine never loved Gino and never planned to have a baby, she’s to old anyway. That BLACK CLOUD over Jasmine will never go away. She is bad comma.

  4. She was using Gino’s for a life in the US. Hope she never gets a green card. Deport her asap!

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