‘7 Little Johnstons’ Real Reason Liz Named Her Daughter Leighton

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston

7 Little Johnstons Season 14 episodes have been all about Liz Johnston and her pregnancy storyline with Leighton Bolden. So, why did Liz choose to name her daughter Leighton? Is there any significance to the name? Here’s everything we know.

7 Little Johnstons: All Hands On Deck For Liz Johnston’s Baby Shower

7 Little Johnstons scenes had some big reveals in store, as the family learned that baby Leighton is average size. This was going to be a big adjustment for the entire family. Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston only know what it’s like to raise little people, so this was a curveball for everyone.

As 7 Little Johnstons fans saw in scenes, all the family members did their part to celebrate Liz Johnston, Brice Bolden, and, of course, baby Leighton at the baby shower. It was a milestone event for everyone, especially since Leighton is part of the next generation of the Johnston family.

7 Little Johnstons Season 14 has been all about Liz Johnston’s storyline with Brice Bolden, including breaking up, getting back together, and eventually announcing their pregnancy news. This storyline has carried the load all season long, and viewers are hopeful that Season 14 will end with Leighton’s official arrival in TLC scenes.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston - Brice Bolden
7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston – Brice Bolden/YouTube

Origin Of The Name Leighton And Popularity In 2024

As Liz Johnston revealed in 7 Little Johnstons scenes, Liz and Brice named their baby girl Leighton. This is not a very common name at all. According to Baby Center, Leighton is number 380 in popularity among names for girls in 2024. This represents the name moving up by 76 spots when compared to 2023.

The name Leighton comes from the Old English Leac, meaning “leek.” It has also been translated to mean “meadow town.” Either way, it’s a unique choice for Liz Johnston’s daughter, and many of Liz’s siblings agree that it was a good choice for their niece.

Leighton Drew Bolden Is Average-Sized - Team7lj - Instagram
Leighton Drew Bolden Is Average-Sized – Team7lj – Instagram

7 Little Johnstons: Why Did Liz Johnston Name Her Daughter Leighton?

With Leighton being such a unique name that most people don’t hear very often, 7 Little Johnstons fans may be curious about how Liz settled on this name for her daughter. The way Liz tells it, Leighton was a name that she heard when she was in sixth grade, and it’s a name that has stuck with her ever since.

7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston - Leighton Bolden
7 Little Johnstons: Liz Johnston – Leighton Bolden/Instagram

Clearly, it stuck with her enough to name her first child Leighton, a child who recently hit her seven-month milestone based on the most recent updates from Liz. She may not be born yet in current 7 Little Johnstons scenes, but, based on social media updates, she grows bigger with each passing day.

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