‘Teen Mom’ Fans Praise Tyler Baltierra For Physical Transformation

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram

Teen Mom fans are praising Tyler Baltierra for his drastic physical transformation. The father of four has taken bulking up his body extremely seriously and is very dedicated to completely reshaping himself. Now, as he continues on this journey, followers are impressed with what he has been able to achieve. Keep reading to see what they have to say.

Teen Mom Fans Praise Tyler Baltierra For Physical Transformation

Tyler Baltierra was never out of shape, he was just very slim. During his time on MTV, the Teen Mom star has grown into a man, and with that comes some physical changes. He eventually opted to start an OnlyFans thanks to his wife, Catelynn Baltierra. One follower noted that this could be the reason why the couple could not see the daughter they put up for adoption as teenagers. They were hoping to see Carly for her fifteenth birthday in May 2024 but that did not happen. Could it have been the OF? That is a mystery but Tyler has been working tirelessly on his gains.

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra-Instagram

Some fans were worried that Tyler’s body was making his head appear too small. He was bulking so much but he has not stopped and recently showed off a new photo of himself. It went over so well that it made its way to Reddit. He was dripping wet, clearly unclothed, and just out of the shower but fans were amazed by how phenomenal he looked.

Tyler Baltierra-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra-Instagram

More so, Tyler Baltierra seems very proud of himself and how far he has come. There was a time when he had slightly let himself go. However, it seems that he is not about to do that anytime soon and is in control of his fitness journey, which fans approve of:

  • Ok…come at me if you want, but he’s really bulked up a lot. And in a good way.
  • I commend Tyler on his dedication to working out, even if I think it’s gross he’s always almost showing his d*ck
  • He actually looks incredible.
  • He looks good bigger.

Of course, there were plenty of Teen Mom fans who accused him of using steroids or looking awkward. Yet, something else came up.

What About Catelynn?

In the midst of all of the Tyler Baltierra chatter, some Teen Mom fans wanted to know why his wife had not hopped on the workout bandwagon. They felt that if she saw Tyler being so dedicated, maybe that should motivate her, as well:

  • Idk, I’d just love to see her work on herself like Tyler seems to be doing.
  • I swear I’m not trying to be mean or bad women but he works out really hard to achieve his body. Cait just does not even look like she gives two f’s about bathing much less working out and eating well.

It seems like seeing Tyler working so immensely hard would make her want to get up and make this a team effort. Maybe in time, she will join in but as long as she is content with where she is, that is all that matters.

What do you think of Tyler’s bulked body? Too much or just enough? Let us know and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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