Sydney Errera P*ssed At Mitch Kolinsky, Tells Dad Everything

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera

Farmer Wants A Wife celeb Sydney Errera recently shared a short clip with fans where she was visibly angry with her farmer, Mitchell Kolinksky. Is the honeymoon already over for these two?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinksy Chose Sydney Errera In Season 2 Finale

In Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, farmer Mitchell Kolinsky was looking for love. Four farmers in total hoped to find love on the reboot of the Fox show. For Mitchell, the chemistry he had with Sydney Errera was obvious from the start.

Sydney Errera was not just another pretty face in Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 scenes. Unlike a lot of the ladies on the show this past season, Sydney wasn’t just a city girl. She is outdoorsy, and she is even handy with tools. In many ways, she is the total package for a rugged farmer. So, it wasn’t a major shock when Mitchell chose her in the end.

Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney - Farmer Wants A Wife - Taste Of Country Interview
Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney – Farmer Wants A Wife – Taste Of Country Interview

Sydney Pissed At Farmer Mitchell, Honeymoon Over?

Recently, Sydney Errera shared a clip with her fans. In it, she is visibly angry with Mitchell Kolinsky. She is hard at work changing a tire. In her words, Mitch was doing it “all wrong.” Sydney even seems heated in the clip, as she says that she called her dad, because Mitchell pissed her off.

On the one hand, this seems like one of those everyday arguments that couples get into. As a new couple, Mitchell and Sydney will surely have to navigate disagreements like these. There’s also the fact that, now that the Farmer Wants A Wife cameras are gone, real life is setting in for these two. So, it’ll be interesting to see if they can navigate these everyday squabbles and come out of them stronger on the other side.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Schools Farmer Mitchell?

The one surprising thing about this recent scenario that popped up is the fact that all the farmers seem to be skilled in fixing things around the farm, and most of them seem to have the general know-how to keep things running smoothly. So, the fact that Sydney had to step in like she did in this scenario is certainly surprising to many fans.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera
Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera/Instagram

While this recent disagreement between Sydney Errera and Mitchell Kolinsky may not be severe enough to be a dealbreaker, only two of the four couples from Season 2 are still together. Many people are rooting for the remaining couples, especially since none of the couples from Season 1 stayed together in the end.

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