‘RHOBH’ Adrienne Maloof’s Son Kidnapping Experience Detailed

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Former RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof is detailing her son’s kidnapping experience that rocked her world. The mother of three boys has always been very protective. Yet, one quick move almost changed everything. Keep reading for more details.

RHOBH Adrienne Maloof’s Son Kidnapping Experience Detailed

While on RHOBH, Adrienne Maloof struggled in her marriage to plastic surgeon, Paul Nassif. They were total opposites but also worked very hard to keep the cash flow coming. Together, they had three children, Gavin, Colin, and Christian. At one point in their time on the show, Brandi Glanville dropped the bomb that the couple had used a surrogate. She alleged that everyone in Beverly Hills knew about this but it was still kept under lock and key. This caused an immense amount of drama and by the end of Season 3, Paul and Adrienne separated. Along with that, Adrienne opted not to come to the RHOBH reunion.

Adrienne Maloof-Instagram
Adrienne Maloof-Instagram

That meant she was done with the show for good but still made appearances at Kyle Richards’ parties. She even reconciled with Brandi which was a huge step. Now, years after exiting the show, Adrienne is opening up about a terrifying ordeal when her children were little. According to Us Weekly, Adrienne appeared on Jeff Lewis Live and recounted a time when her son was nearly kidnapped. He was actually in the process of being taken away by a stranger which was terrifying, to say the least.


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The former housewife detailed what happened and how fast it all went down:

“My nanny and I were there, and security was over further away, and this lady came up and my son was crying and she actually took him out of my nanny’s hands and started going towards the elevator. Thank god I had security, but he was in the back looking. The whole thing went down in seconds.”

It is unclear which son was in the process of abduction but it appears to be Adrienne Maloof’s eldest, Gavin, who is now 20. Adrienne added:

“It was freaky, but that’s how quickly it can happen … within seconds.”

Fortunately, her security was able to stop the lady as she made her way toward the elevator. More so, Adrienne remains mindful that had security not been with her, this woman could have very well gotten away.

Suspicious Story

After seeing the clip of Adrienne Maloof telling the story about her son, fans were suspicious. Furthermore, they did not feel she was being completely genuine and that something was missing from it:

  • She doesn’t seem honest.
  • Nobody…NOBODY…Takes a baby out of my arms!!!!!!!!!
  • Something seems to be missing in this alleged kidnapping story.

Luckily for everyone involved, her son was not harmed and he was quickly retrieved by security. Since then, Gavin headed off to the University of Utah whereas the twins, Christian and Colin just graduated high school.

Are you shocked by this story? More so, are you surprised you did not hear about it sooner? Let us know in the comments below.

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