Kristin Cavallari’s Boyfriend’s Shady Past Revealed

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Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend, Mark Estes’ shady past has now resurfaced and it does not paint him in a good light. Though he has amassed millions of TikTok fans and won the heart of the former reality star, he was not always so beloved. So, what is lurking in Mark’s past? Keep reading for more details.

Kristin Cavallari’s Boyfriend’s Shady Past Revealed

Despite their age difference, Kristin Cavallari has fallen hard for Mark Estes. The Montana Boyz star has made women of all ages drool but it is the Laguna Beach alum who won his heart. They have enjoyed trips together and nights on the town. Even though she has three children from her marriage to Jay Cutler, Mark has made Kristin think about having a fourth. She shared this on her Let’s Be Honest podcast but when he was asked about this, he said he was just having fun. However, he also admitted that he is in love with her, as well.

Kristin Cavallari, Mark Estes-Instagram
Kristin Cavallari, Mark Estes-Instagram

Now, Mark’s past has resurfaced and it is a tad scary. According to Page Six, in February 2021, the twenty-four-year-old was accused of felony assault. Back then, he was enrolled at Montana State University. Along with some friends, they apparently got into a fight with other kids off-campus. When the police made it onto the scene, everyone was gone. However, because the other group of kids headed to the hospital, they quickly learned what happened. Fortunately, only one person was actually injured while the rest were there for moral support.

An officer, who worked on the case in 2021, shared that he wanted to prosecute Mark Estes. He shared his reasoning for this:

“I put in the request that Mark Estes be charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanor assault because there were two victims. I felt that there was probable cause [because] one person’s injuries sustained rose to the level of aggravated assault. The other person who was involved, his injuries were significantly less, just minor scrapes and bruises, which is more of a misdemeanor charge.”

It was his belief that Mark was one of the aggressors in the fight therefore he should be charged. He was not as it was deemed “mutual combat.” After this happened, Mark did transfer out of Montana State though it is unclear if he did so because of what happened.

Moving On

Mark Estes went on to play football for Montana Tech after being a player for Montana State. Then, Kristin Cavallari’s beau blew up on TikTok in an attempt to prove that football players have more to them. In their press release, it says the Montana Boyz are:

“Former college football stars, these guys are more than just athletes — they’re models and cowboys, balancing ranch life with the stardom of social media.”

Kristin has not said anything about what happened in 2021 though she has been reached out to. She may address it on her podcast at some point or she may ignore it. Time will tell if this is a dealbreaker for the couple.

Do you think differently of Mark Estes after learning this or does it not matter to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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