Colton Underwood Talks First Time Attending Pride Celebration

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Bachelor Colton Underwood is opening up and talking about his decision to attend his first-ever Pride celebration. He came out three years ago. However, he never participated in Pride celebrations. He decided this year would be different. Colton attended his first ever in West Hollywood. Why did he decide to go for it this year? Keep reading to find out more.

Colton Underwood Talks First Pride Celebration

Bachelor Colton Underwood is sharing about why he decided after three years to attend a Pride celebration. US Weekly got the scoop from Colton about his decision.

He said, “Not that I didn’t feel qualified, I just wasn’t ready yet. It’s taken me a few years to really put the work in. To learn and advocate and fight next to our community and understand where I fit in in all of that.”

Colton also shared that he was probably celebrating with some who didn’t agree with how he handled everything. He said this is especially true after many saw his Netflix documentary.

The documentary titled Coming Out Colton was released after he finally shared that he is gay on Good Morning America. 

Now, he thinks that perhaps since he joined in the celebration none of that really matters in that moment. He said, “We’re all part of the same community. We have each other’s backs and nobody can get in between us.”

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Life Is Good For Colton And Husband Jordan C. Brown

Colton Underwood and husband Jordan C. Brown are expecting their first baby together via surrogate. They have been open about sharing the struggles they faced with fertility. They had tried for more than two years to conceive. Now, they have announced they are having a son in October.

He said, “I’ve been on a rollercoaster now for almost two years going through this process with Jordan. We’re at a place now where we’re just so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. There aren’t really nerves. When you’ve tried for two years, you’re kind of ready for it.

Colton is thankful for all the support he and Jordan are getting from everyone. They are both excited to welcome their son this fall.

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Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

In the meantime, Colton is continuing to educate those around him about the LGTBQ population.

What do you think about Colton finally being ready to go out and celebrate at a public Pride celebration? What do you think about him and Jordan having their first child together?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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