‘Bachelor’ Star Kelsey Anderson Kicks Off Brand New Career?

Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor Season 28 winner Kelsey Anderson shared big news on social media and now fans are wondering if she’s starting a glamorous new career. Keep reading for more.

She Almost Quit The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation viewers first met Kelsey Anderson as a contestant on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. She wasn’t a standout like Maria Georgas or Daisy Kent, but she caught Joey’s eye.

Kelsey made it to the final three, then the final two. Daisy Kent quit the show at the final rose ceremony because she saw the connection between Joey and Kelsey.

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joey and Kelsey are happily engaged and fulfilling their desire for a long engagement. But in a new interview, his fiance revealed that the union almost didn’t happen.

She almost quit the show long before it got to the engagement stage. In fact, she wasn’t even looking for love when she joined The Bachelor. Kelsey did it as a joke with a friend.

But she almost bailed during the tough reality show interview process.

“I was worried about the audience judging me and if I was ready to be open to someone and potentially have my whole world change.”

It seems her world is on the brink of changing once again with a new career.

Kelsey Anderson Kicks Off Brand New Career?

Kelsey Anderson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and works in the construction business. She briefly touched on her career while chatting with Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor.

The Julia Roberts lookalike is a project assistant, reportedly for construction sites. But fans think she might have a shot at a more glamorous career: the modeling industry.

Kelsey Anderson is the cover model for Summer issue of Adore magazine. She shared the big news on social media and gave fans a glimpse at the stunning photos.


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Several of her Bachelor co-stars commented on the post. Daisy Kent wrote, “Gorgeous.” Lea Cayanan called the photos “so beautiful.”

Her fiance was left speechless with only emojis to express his thoughts. “😮 🤯 🤩.”

Kelsey Anderson clapped back at one rude follower who said she got what she wanted from the show – fame.

“It got me an amazing fiancé that loves and supports me,” Kelsey corrected.

Adore may be Kelsey Anderson’s first magazine cover but it probably won’t be her last. But she’s probably not going to give up her project assistant job for a modeling career.

Do you think she could be a full-time model? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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